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Wicca for Beginners: Best Crystals to Start With

Wicca is a beautiful, natural, spiritual path that falls under the Pagan religion! The Wiccan religion follows the teachings of the Wiccan Rede, meaning that no negative energy is allowed! Wiccans typically find that they have good fortune, good health, and tons of happiness because positivity is the center of their practice. 

How is it possible for Wiccans to be positive all the time in a negative world? How can they create change, especially when they are beginners? They work hand-in-hand with nature; they work with the trees, the herbs, the animals, and crystals to create a positive reality for those around them.

So, let’s talk about crystals. Crystals are naturally crafted ritual tools that not only look beautiful but pack a strong punch! The power of crystals comes from their individual vibrations, which affect the vibrations of the auras it is around. So, let’s talk about the first crystals a beginner Witch should find, request, or buy!

The Best Crystals for New Witches

Black Tourmaline

This crystal works best in its raw form and it’s great for balancing your root chakra and shielding you from external negativity. It’s a great grounding Earth crystal.


This crystal is a great empowering crystal! Use it to balance your sacral chakra and to increase creativity and fertility! Its super-power is that it can cleanse other stones that it’s around without needing to be cleansed, itself! It is a great purifying Fire crystal and can be used in empowerment, leadership, and romance spells.


If you wish to work with Fairies and other unseen magickal beings, this is a great crystal for that! Perfect for balancing the solar plexus chakra, this Air crystal is great to use in creativity, inspiration, and leadership spells!

Rose Quartz

We’re always torn between this beautiful pink heart-healing crystal and the stunningly green aventurine, but its easier for beginners to find rose quartz! This crystal is perfect for balancing your heart chakra! Use it in love spells, friendship spells, and broken-heart spells.

Blue Lace Agate

Perfect for your throat chakra, this crystal helps you speak your truth and find courage during the hardest times. It’s a gentle healing stone that resonates perfectly with the Water element.


A witchy favorite, this stunning purple crystal works best raw! Not only does it resonate with your third eye chakra, but it also helps with psychic powers, connecting to your ancestors, cleansing your aura, and relaxing your energy. This crystal is perfect for connecting to your higher self!

Herkimer Diamond

This baby shines bright like a diamond! It’s the stunning crystal that resonates and clears your crown chakra! Use this crystal to connect with the God and Goddess! 

It’s similar in color to a quartz crystal, but it’s much more powerful! Spiritual enlightenment happens much faster with this crystal, so hold onto your witch’s hat!

Best place to buy crystals online?


While you can definitely buy crystals in a metaphysical shop, not all Witches are located equally. Yes, it makes us cry! 

That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to be able to provide witchcraft items, spell ingredients, and crystals to Witches, no matter where they live! 

So you can shop for crystals online with us!

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