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The Complete List of Chakra Crystals

Everyone wants to keep their aura clean! The best way to do that is through chakra cleansing and balancing! There are hundreds of great ways to open and charge your chakras. The easiest way is through crystal therapy.

You can use healing crystals to energize and balance your chakra centers!

If you’re wondering what crystals to start with, check out the list below! Add one of each chakra crystal to your daily routine to get the best healing benefits possible!

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Best Chakra Healing Crystals For Each Chakra

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Crown Chakra Crystals

Crown chakra crystals are primarily clear, white, or purple, and work to keep your physical body connected to your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Deities. Anytime you receive divine guidance, this energy center is wide open.

Your crown chakra is the energy sphere that exists right above the top of your head! Imagine that it glows a bright, white, crystalline light in the exact space where a crown would rest on your head.

Healing this chakra helps you maintain mental clarity, increase spiritual energy, understand universal truths, and grow the connection to your higher self.

Place one of these crown chakra stones on your chakra center to balance and restore its energy:

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Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Third eye chakra stones are typically purple or indigo. They help keep your body aware of your physical and metaphysical surroundings by balancing the energy of your third eye.

The space between your eyebrows is where this chakra is located, and it holds the power to unlock your psychic potential! Imagine that a bright, purple light shines from this area, known as your third eye chakra.

Healing the energy in this space gives you a heightened awareness of the energies around you, helping you become more connected to the spiritual and psychic vibes of your space.

Place one of these stones on your chakra center to heal and revitalize its power:

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Throat Chakra Crystals

Throat chakra crystals are usually blue and they help keep your throat chakra energized.

Your throat chakra is located right at the base of your neck. Its blue light energizes your aura and physical body, enabling it to help you speak your truth and let go of trauma.

Place one of these stones on your throat chakra to help you speak your personal power out into the world, understand and process truth, and be your most true self:

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Heart Chakra Crystals

Heart chakra stones are typically green, though some pink stones also help heal the heart chakra.

Located in the center of your chest, your heart chakra helps your experience the warmth and connection of universal, unconditional love. It can help you transmute strong emotions, like anger, into understanding and love.

Place one of these crystals over your heart chakra to help gain emotional balance and create a stronger connection to the people that matter most:

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Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

Solar plexus stones are usually yellow, matching the color of the sun. These crystals help keep our solar plexus balanced, which allows us to feel confident and connected to the world around us.

Your solar plexus chakra is located in between your ribs and belly button. This bright yellow energy helps you feel empowered and energized so you can be your most true self.

Place one of these stones on the solar plexus to balance and energize your self-confidence:

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Sacral Chakra Crystals

Sacral chakra crystals are typically orange and light red, and they work to inspire creativity and passion.

This vital chakra is located in your lower abdomen, below your belly button and right above your pubic bone. Your sacral chakra controls your sexuality, creativity, passion, and health.

Recharge your sacral chakra with one of these stones:

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Root Chakra Crystals

Root chakra stones are usually red, brown, or black. They work to keep you grounded, protected, and secure.

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine and helps you make sure you have everything you need to survive.

Stay grounded by carrying one of these stones:

What are your favorite chakra crystals? Leave a comment below!

How Do You Use Crystals To Balance Your Chakras?

Using crystals for chakra healing is as easy as placing each crystal on or around each chakra. When the chakra stones are within the area of the chakra, the vibration of your chakra will match the crystal’s vibe.

You can place each crystal on your energy center and meditate or just relax; it’s up to you! We prefer meditation. Meditation helps you direct the healing energy directly to your chakra and become more in tune with your body.

For example, if you feel as if your energy is crazy and you can’t make a good decision, your root chakra may be unbalanced. Take a moment, hold a piece of black tourmaline in your lap, and relax. Visualize the energy of the black tourmaline smoothing out the red light of your chakra.

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