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Mercury Retrograde: 4 Intense Dates To Know In 2022

“Anything can happen on Mercury Retrograde.” – Tim Curry in The Worst Witch, if it was based around a Mercury Retrograde instead of Halloween…probably.

If you’re reading this, chances are things are going crazy in your realm, and you want to make sure it’s not you causing the crazy.

Truthfully, Mercury is probably in retrograde. If you’re here for confirmation, we’ll make it easy for you.

2022’s Mercury Retrograde Periods Will Happen In:

  • January
  • May
  • September
  • December

If you’re new to the world of planetary retrogrades, prepare for an epiphany! Some of the craziest situations may have been outside of your control this whole time.


When Is Mercury Retrograde 2022?

Your comprehensive calendar of retrograde dates for 2022 and their meanings are here!

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Retrograde 1: January 15 – February 3

The first retrograde of 2022 starts on January 15 and ends on February 15.

  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius – Capricorn
  • Shadow Period: January 1 – 11
  • Mercury Retrograde Starts In Aquarius: January 15
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends In Capricorn: February 3
  • Shadow Period: February 6 – 27

What does this Mercury Retrograde mean?

During the Aquarius part of this January retrograde, you may notice communication issues with the people you love most – your friends and family. iPhone glitches may happen during phone calls, travel issues during family visits will happen, and the true personalities and motives of people will become more clear. Look out for secrets and weird vibes – even from yourself.

As the red planet transits back into Capricorn, you may begin to notice a sudden lack of stability. Mercury Retrograde’s effects will cause chaos in home and business decisions, work computers, or issues within your home electronics.

Retrograde 2: May 11 – June 2

The second retrograde of 2022’s dates are May 11 – June 2.

  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini – Taurus
  • Shadow Period: April 25 – May 10
  • Mercury Retrograde Starts In Gemini: May 11
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends In Taurus: June 2
  • Shadow Period: June 3 – 18

What does this retrograde mean?

When Mercury transits Gemini in reverse, you should expect larger communication gaps than during any other red planet retrograde. Exes and old friends usually come crawling out of the woodwork during this type of transit. Also, expect a lot of misunderstandings to happen about anything and everything.

If there was ever a retrograde to relax in it’s a red planet retrograde in Taurus. This earthly energy is heavily influenced by the chaos of this retrograde, manifesting in clumsiness and laziness. The effect of this energy on people is great because you’re less likely feel like making large purchases, which you should avoid doing right now anyway. Finally, mood swings are more likely, and these will be the root of many miscommunications.

Retrograde 3: September 9 – October 1

  • Zodiac Sign: Libra – Virgo
  • Shadow Period: August 20 – September 8
  • Mercury Retrograde Starts In Libra: September 9
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends In Virgo: October 1
  • Shadow Period: October 2 – October 20

What does this retrograde mean?

Usually, Libra rules grade, mental balance, grace, extroversion, and beauty; when this retrograde travels through it, however, the majority of issues caused will be around what Libra keeps in check. Prepare to prefer staying home, not think clearly, and mess up at work a lot. Also, don’t try asking for a raise right now; instead, focus on personal, internal development so you can snatch that raise up after the retrograde is over.

Mercury transiting Virgo during a retrograde tends to make health issues feel worse than they are. Delays and equipment issues will happen more often, as Mercury’s influence is focused here as well. Finally, think before you speak at work; your coworkers probably won’t know this, but Virgo’s backward energy will make their patience very thin!

Retrograde 4: December 31 – January 18, 2023

  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Shadow Period: December 11
  • Mercury Retrograde Starts In Capricorn: December 31
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends In Capricorn: January 18
  • Shadow Period: January 19 – February 7

What does this retrograde mean?

This retrograde could be a tough one at work. If it’s time for you to move on in your life path, you may discover a ton of miscommunications in your direct chats with management. This may cause you to feel stressed and depressed. Lay low, research potential career growth, double-check all of your work, and find happiness in other areas during this stability-affecting transit.

A digital mercury retrograde calendar
A Mercury Retrograde calendar for Instagram and Facebook
A Mercury Retrograde Calendar for Twitter

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Mercury Retrograde is a three-week astrological event that causes communication, travel, electronic devices, and business activities to go haywire.

Anything expensive shouldn’t be purchased or signed for. Anything important should be quadruple-checked before approval. Cars may have more breakdowns, iPhones may glitch more often, and people may reappear back into your life.

Long story short: it’s an actual shitshow. If you’re spiritually inclined, add your favorite methods of protection to anything that is ruled by the planet Mercury.

The Role Of Mercury In Astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury vibrates at the same frequency as human connection and communication. The position of Mercury in our cosmos “flavors” how its energy manifests at any given time.

So, when Mercury is in retrograde or moving in a backward, retrograde motion, its ability to help manifest is a little off.

What Is A Mercury Retrograde?

This astrological event happens whenever Mercury appears to stop, travel backward, stop, and go forwards again. This apparent reversed movement is an optical illusion due to the way the Earth and Mercury orbit around the Sun. Learn more about how Mercury Retrograde works here!

Since the red planet rules travel and communication, this backward retrograde motion effs up all travel and communication.

Mercury Retrograde Effects

The basic effects of Mercury Retrograde are:

  • travel issues (delayed planes, wrecks, flat tires, dead car batteries).
  • communication issues (botched words, wrong explanations, autocorrect issues).
  • work issues (team miscommunication, offending leadership, forgotten work).
  • relationship issues (toxic people popping back up, miscommunications, irrationally frustrated people).
  • financial issues (wrong purchases, bad contracts, bank scams).
  • electronic issues (computer failures, glitches, slow websites).

However, these effects often differ slightly depending on which zodiac sign it’s traveling through. Think of it as another layer of flavor for the energy to pass through before it manifests.

Mercury Retrograde FAQs

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