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2024 Full Moon Calendar

Knowing the full moon dates is the best thing a Witch or spiritual practitioner can do! Moon phases play a role in our lives from emotions to hormones, from tides to spellwork.

If you live a magickal life, you can add a boost of power to your work if you use the timing of the moon to plan your rituals and spells.

In the ancient days, Native Americans and our ancestors utilized the full moon to work and travel at night. In modern times, we use the moon phases to understand our emotions and the energy signatures that exist around us.

Understanding when the moon is full and when the moon is new can help you uncover many mystical secrets to life.

When Is The Next Full Moon?

All dates and times for these full moon dates are based in Austin, TX, in the Central Time Zone (+6 GST).

Here is a table listing the full moon dates for 2024, along with their Native American names and the time of the full moon in Central Time (CT):

2024 Full Moon DateNative American NameTime of Full Moon (CT)
January 25Wolf Moon11:54 PM
February 24Snow Moon6:30 AM
March 25Worm Moon2:00 AM
April 23Pink Moon6:49 PM
May 23Flower Moon8:53 AM
June 21Strawberry Moon8:08 PM
July 21Buck Moon5:17 AM
August 19Sturgeon Moon1:26 PM
September 17Corn Moon9:34 PM
October 17Hunter’s Moon6:26 AM
November 15Beaver Moon3:28 PM
December 15Cold Moon3:02 AM

Note: The times are adjusted for Central Time, including Daylight Saving Time changes where applicable.

See the full moon names from all cultures here.

When Are The 2024 Supermoons?

2024 Supermoon DateSupermoon Phase
February 9New Moon
March 10New Moon
April 8New Moon
August 19Full Moon
September 18Full Moon/Waning Gibbous
October 17Full Moon
November 15Full Moon

When Are The 2024 Blue Moons?

There are no blue moons in 2024.

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