10 Mercury Retrograde Tweets that are Too Real

There’s nothing funny about Mercury Retrograde, except when technology itself is cracking jokes about the chaos that the backwars-traveling planet brings with it! Siri’s got jokes, and so do many other Mercury Retrograde victims on Twitter. These tweets about times that Mercury Retrograde are too true make the entire national disaster well worth it! Laugh at these hilarious true feelings about our lives for the next 22 days.

10 Mercury Retrograde Tweets that are Too Real

1. Right?

Who else feels this way? Can we agree that there’s a nice, solid cluster of issues during Mercury Retrograde? I think we can!

2. When that Mercury Retrograde beat drops!

We’ve got a new retrograde dance; it’s called the Duck and Cover. Maybe the final move is curl up under a blanket for the next 22 days?

3. Even Siri knows it’s Mercury Retrograde!

We’re not sure if this is real, but it’s hilarious. I’m starting to think that Mercury Retrograde is a vacation for tech. Siri’s in digital Hawaii as we speak! Well, at least, as we try to speak.

4. The struggle is real!

Should we start selling Mercury Retrograde bundles that contain foam wraps for phones?

5. Well, that escalated quickly.

Good thing pizza is not affected by Mercury Retrograde. Let the pizza give you life!

6. Hashtag: TRUTH.

So many people are feeling this retrograde. I usually only notice it during the pre-shadow periods We think you’re absolutely right!

7. Hashtag: ThirdPlanetProblems.

Get it? Because we’re on Earth and are the only planet that experiences the retrograde from our perspective, at our time, and with our problems!

8. Day 2: All hope is lost.

Will we make it through Mercury Retrograde? What will day 18 look like? Will we have destroyed all technology in a deep rage? Becca will keep you posted.

9. The only time you should not get excited about free TVs.

Is anything ever truly free?

10. We won’t miss you, Mercury Retrograde!

We’re ready, too. We’re so ready. Hand us another slice of pizza.

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