7 tweets that will help you survive mercury retrograde how to

7 Tweets that will Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is in full swing, and many people are wondering how to survive its reign of chaos as it terrorizes our electronics and cars! There’s not much we can do, since the planet itself appears to be traveling backwards, making everything that Mercury rules over function backwards. However, there are some great tips that are circulating on Twitter. We want to share those tips to survive Mercury Retrograde with you!

7 Tweets that will Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

1. Your comeback game will be on point.

2. All good things come to those who wait until Mercury Retrograde is over.

3. Out with the old…

4. …in with the new!

5. “Just in case of delays.” Sir, there’re always delays.

6. A retreat? Yes, please! (This truly is great advice!)

7. Vibes up! Shields up!

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