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Grant yourself clarity, protection, and grounding with this Amethyst and Hematite Pentacle Bracelet. This bracelet features amethyst beads, hematite beads, and clear faceted beads plus a pewter woven pentacle amulet. This elastic bracelet is one size fits most.


  • Great for protection ⚪
  • Crafted from hematite ⚫
  • Elastic, one-size-fits-all ⭐
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Perfect for generating energy in your home or your crystal grid, this small Hematite Crystal Pyramid measures 25-30 mm.

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Seek the answers of the Divine at any time with this stunning Hematite Pendulum Bracelet. Not only does this function as both pendulum and as a jewelry piece, but it also acts as a meditation tool. This pendulum bracelet has a set of 3×3 hematite 5/16″ beads to help the owner with his or her [...]


Similar to our Meditation Key Chains and Pagan Symbols Anklets, these Hematite Pentacle Meditation Earrings harness the energies of physical health, grounded energies, and protection. Wear them when you are preparing to go into meditation or if you simply want to add the energies of hematite to your life! We offer many different stones to [...]


Lo Scarabeo’s Hematite Rune set provides you with a set of 25 hematite rune stones. 24 of the runes feature the Norse Elder Futhark, while one one blank rune exists for modern ritual divination.


Crafted from natural and man-made beads, this Magnetic Beaded Hematite Bracelet balances and grounds you while enhancing and speeding up any healing that your body is working through. This particular bracelet comes in various, randomized colors; let destiny decide what energies you need on this new journey in your life!


Experience the healing and purifying energies of Magnetic Hematite, known for its magnificent ability to heal pain and stress, especially of the joints. This contains 1 pound of tumbled magnetic hematite stones. Quantities and sizes may vary. Typical orders include 3/4″ sized stones with 25 – 30 stones per pound.


  • Simply visualize yourself accomplishing your goal and light 🕯
  • Comes with a heart-shaped hematite necklace 💎
  • Remove label before lighting 🌟
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