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Powerful like the sun, Sunstone is a great crystal for charging and empowering your energy! Many cultures connect this orange stone to their culture’s Sun God, such as Ra, Apollo, or Helios. Similar to how the sun charges and grows life on Earth, the vibration of this connection enables sunstone to fill its user with vitality. Use this crystal’s healing properties to find happiness and joy, charge your solar plexus, help with seasonal affective disorder, and more!

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Natural Sunstone seems to reflect the golden dazzle of the morning sun! Because of this, it is often used as a ritual or meditative focus for Sun or Fire energy and passion. This order of bulk Polished Sunstone is sold by approximate weight, not stone size or count. This order will contain approximately 36 – 43 stones [...]

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  • Energy: Fire 🔥
  • Great for confidence + leadership 🦁
  • 1 lb. raw crystal 💎
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