Amethyst Crystals

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Shop for amethyst rings, necklaces, geodes, earrings, bracelets, and pendulums. This purple stone is great for calming, opening the third eye, and more →

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Earn 34 Points

  • A slice of an amethyst stalactite! 💜
  • Great for healing and seeing the truth 👁️
  • Natural slice. Size may vary. 📏
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Earn 14 Points

  • Protect yourself from bad vibes ⚡
  • Great for empaths 💫
  • Approximately 2" long 📏

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Allow your mind to focus on your mantras during meditation with this Fancy Elastic Amethyst and Fluorite Mala! Alternating between sections of amethyst and fluorite, this mala contains 108 beads that measure 8mm in diameter. The purple tassel at the end signals that you’ve repeated your mantra 108 times, and it’s time to turn around [...]

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Grant yourself clarity, protection, and grounding with this Amethyst and Hematite Pentacle Bracelet. This bracelet features amethyst beads, hematite beads, and clear faceted beads plus a pewter woven pentacle amulet. This elastic bracelet is one size fits most.

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Give focus to your meditation, ritual practice, and crystal grids with this beautiful Amethyst and Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Measuring 25-30mm, this makes a great addition to altar top grids and spells. Amethyst is perfect for removing stress, anxiety, and opening up your psychic channels. Orgonite is created a great energy manipulator, just like the pyramid [...]

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Amethyst is the stone of protection and psychic awareness. Those who wear amethyst often have better mental clarity and alertness. This bracelet holds amethyst beads that measure 1/4″ in diameter. Enchant your life with this simple, yet elegant bracelet! Measures 6″ in length.

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Earn 7 Points

  • Great for calming emotional storms ⛈️
  • Elastic, one-size-fits-most 📏
  • Small, 4mm crystal beads 💎
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Earn 3 Points

  • Enchant for protection ⚪
  • Wear for psychic enhancement 🔮
  • Elastic band. One-size-fits-most 📏

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Craft your perfect crystal grid or use these Amethyst Crystal Points in a number of spells by buying this bulk order of amethyst crystals. This batch of raw points and chunks of amethyst contains 15-20 crystal points that measure 1″ – 2 3/4″, approximately.

Earn 11 Points

  • Perfect for meditation altars 🧘
  • Focuses calming, peaceful vibes 💜
  • Approx. 1.25" 📏
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Pyramids are considered to be incredible energy preservers, generators, and directors! This beautiful Amethyst Crystal Pyramid can be used to promote calm, peace, well-being, and psychic awareness! Cut through confusion of life and bring clarity into focus. This very small amethyst pyramid measures 25- 30mm in width.

Earn 13 Points

  • Raw, unpolished crystals 💎
  • Sourced from India 🇮🇳
  • Random selection, 1lb total by weight ⚖️
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This beautiful set of Amethyst Runes is crafted from 25 tumbled, polished amethyst stones which have been etched with the Elder Futhark Runes and embellished with gold lettering. Need an easy way to read runes? Simply ask your question, close your eyes, choose a stone, and see your answer!

Earn 18 Points

  • Great for meditating on new beginnings 🆕
  • Use for charging a space with energy ⚡
  • One 1" pyramid 📏
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This Amethyst Goddess Wiccan Earrings will allow you to focus your energy with a short meditation or ritual. Focus on the gentle swaying of the earrings as you move through the day and be reminded of your purpose. This Pagan earrings are made with hypo-allergenic surgical steel French hooks. The beads measure 1/4″ in diameter, the charms [...]

Earn 98 Points

  • Warm, loving "Stone of Peace" ☮️
  • Helps connect with and understand emotions 💜
  • Each piece = unique! 5" - 7" in height. 5" base 📏
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