Gemstone Trees

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Beautiful and powerful both symbolically and energetically, this Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Tree features dozens of amethyst chips as the leaves of a small wire tree. The base of this tree has a soft, felt bottom and measures 2″ wide. Tree overall is 5″ in height, and the gemstone fruits measure 1/4″-3/8″. Because these are individually [...]


Decorate your Lammas altar with this beautiful Carnelian Gemstone Tree. Holding the color of the first autumn leaves, this beautiful Carnelian tree makes a Wiccan holiday gift! Carnelian is the stone of grounding, focus, and concentration of real needs.


This Mixed Agate Gemstone Tree makes beautiful altar decoration and ritual tool, as well as decoration for your home. This gemstone tree is crafted out of wire and crystals, rising out of a sawed piece of wood to present a tree of beautiful agate leaves. Base has a soft, felt bottom and measures 2″ wide. [...]