Black Tourmaline

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  • Protect yourself from bad vibes ⚡
  • Great for empaths 💫
  • Approximately 2" long 📏


  • Great for public speaking 🗣️
  • Calms you and empowers your voice 💪
  • 6mm beads, elastic 📏
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  • Beautifully striped 🖤
  • Makes a great, special gift 🎁
  • 6-sided, from India ✈️
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  • Great for emotional environments 🧘
  • Perfect for pulling stress away from you ⚡
  • 8mm beads, one-size-fits-all 📏
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  • Clear your chakras while you scry 🔮
  • Great for energy healers 🙏
  • From India. ✈️
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  • Funnels anxiety away 🖤
  • Keeps you grounded 🌳
  • Approximately 1" crystal 📏


  • Great for Reiki practitioners 🙏
  • Perfect for beginner psychics 🔮
  • 6-sided 💎
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Absorb and transmute all harmful, negative energies with this stunning Black Tourmaline Pyramid! Perfect for protecting your car or computer during the Mercury Retrograde, this pyramid measures 25-30mm in width!


This beautiful Black Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Pendant is crafted from an untumbled, raw black tourmaline crystal point. This crystal point has been wrapped with wire which forms a secure bail for stringing on you favorite chain or cord. This piece is handcrafted and measures 5/8″ x 1/2″ – 1 1/2″ x 1/2″.


Hand carved, this amazing 25 rune Black Tourmaline Rune set portrays the Elder Futhark on tumbled black tourmaline stones. The Elder Futhark runes are inscribed in gold lettering, resulting in an exquisite aid for your divination and other such ritual magic. The rune stones can vary in size from 1/2″ – 1″.


This subtle Black Tourmaline Stone Bracelet is a simple, one-size-fits-most bracelet made of Black Tourmaline. Many of the beads have streaks of white, blue, red and brown tourmaline from it’s natural growth. Each tumbled bead is strung on a durable elastic band. Un-stretched, this bracelet measures 3″ in diameter.


  • Great for protection spell bottles ⚪
  • Perfect for psychic crystal grids 💎
  • 1lb of 6-8mm chips 📏
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  • Perfect for empaths! ⚡
  • Removes harmful energies ⚪
  • No cord 💎
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Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and neutralizing harmful energies around you and your environment! As a transforming stone, tourmaline pulls harmful energies from the environment, leaving only the beneficial for you and those around you. For that reason, tourmaline is a great environment cleanser! This bulk package of black tourmaline raw stone offers [...]