Lapis Lazuli

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  • Great for public speaking 🗣️
  • Calms you and empowers your voice 💪
  • 6mm beads, elastic 📏
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  • Charged for healing ⚡
  • Great for healing the throat chakra 💙
  • 2" x 6.25" 📏

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Created for dowsing and ritual divination, this Lapis Lazuli Chambered Pendulum offers you a pendulum bob that unscrews to allow you to place sacred oils, herbs, ash, or earth, within it to enhance your divination.

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  • Naturally helps communication 🔮
  • Great for beginner psychics 👁️
  • 28 runes. .5" - 1" in size 📏
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This Lapis Lazuli Pendulum Bracelet is a powerful and multi-use magical tool. As a length of 7 prayer beads for meditative, ritual or spell use.  This pendulum has a 3/4″ Tree of Life pendant, 9 stone beads that measure 5/16″ in diameter, and natural bobs that will vary slightly from the average 1 5/8″ x [...]

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  • Perfect for connecting with divine truth 🔮
  • Made with real lapis lazuli 💎
  • Stone sizes approximately 1" 📏
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Lapis is a beautiful stone, whose cobalt blue coloring is beautifully shown off when tumbled, along with an inner quality that makes it appear as though the piece has been sprinkled in gold glitter. Sold by approximate weight – not stone size or count. This crystal was mined in Pakistan.

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Sometimes mistaken for Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite is deep blue with beautiful veins that appear like captured lightning. Use it in your healing practices to ease stress, anxiety, and other emotional imbalance. Sold by approximate weight – not stone size or count.