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Amethyst is the stone of the 6th Chakra and the Mind’s Eye. Use this Double Terminated Amethyst Point to receive, transform, focus, and emit stable, psychic energies to any point on your body or in spell work. Measures 2 inches in length.

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  • Great for turning rough ideas into finished projects 🌟
  • Top of point is polished while sides are rough 💎
  • 2-3" tall. May be a different piece than pictured 📏


Aim the points of this Double Terminated Citrine Point at your solar plexus and visualize white energy entering one point, being transformed into strong, golden light traveling out of the other end and into your aura for healing of the self. Citrine is great for boosting self-esteem, creativity, and opening the mind to see outside [...]


  • Excellent for directing and amplifying energies! 💎
  • Use for healing and empowerment spells ⚡
  • 2" long
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  • Clears blockages and obstacles 🚫
  • Polished top crystal point 💎
  • Approx. 2 - 3" 📏
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  • Great for your heart chakra 💚
  • Great for your root chakra ❤️
  • Measures 2.5" 📏
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  • The ultimate negative energy transformer ⚡
  • From China 🇨🇳
  • Approximately 2", each crystal will be different 📏
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This White Selenite Wand is fantastic for directing energies of mental clarity and contact with the higher self and higher beings. Selenite is said to be the stone of the Angels and Upper World Beings. Size varies, usually around 5 – 6″.