Amethyst Crystals

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  • Perfect for opening the third eye 👁️
  • Excellent for the Solar Plexus chakra ☀️
  • Packed by weight, not crystal size: 1 lb. ⚖️
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  • Great health talisman 💚
  • Perfect for balancing energies ☯
  • 1 1/2 " in diameter 📏
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  • 7 individual crystal orgonite pyramids 💎
  • Each contains a copper coil for endless energy 🌈
  • Pyramids = 1" ruler 📏
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  • Gently massage to tone your face 😍
  • Great for youth and beauty spells 🥰
  • 100% natural skincare ⭐
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This stunning Chevron Amethyst Gemstone Egg has been tumbled and polished to a high gloss and will make a beautiful piece on your altar. Each egg is different and unique with colors, patterns and tones. color. Yours will chosen by random selection. For external use, only.

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Let your anxiety and worries melt away by rubbing your thumb on this Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone. Simply keep it in your pocket to let the calming, relaxing energies infuse your aura. Rub it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This worry stone is sculpted of amethyst and measures approximately 1 1/2″.


  • Beautifully gold-toned ⭐
  • Gorgeous druzy amethyst 💜
  • Sizes may vary, approx. 1" 📏
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  • Excellent for directing energy on a crystal grid 👉
  • Perfect for healing 💜
  • 1 lb. by weight. From Brazil. ⚖
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Complete your array of magickal jewelry with this beautiful Wire Wrapped Amethyst Point Pendant! This pendant features a beautiful, double-terminated amethyst point that has been delicately wrapped in silvertone wire! Embrace the feminine energies of awareness, psychic prowess, and connectivity with this 1″ pendant.