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Wicca for Beginners: How do I get started with Wicca?

Feeling drawn to magick and witchcraft? I bet you’re ready to discover Wicca and begin to own your true witchy nature! If so, that’s fantastic! You are about to begin an amazing journey getting to know yourself and your world in a whole new way. However, this can all seem a bit daunting. Broomsticks and cauldrons, pentacles and spells, covens and esbats.

A quick history of Wicca

Wicca was first established in during the early 20th century and introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardener. It is mostly based on the principles of Pagan Witchcraft, but it also included a range of theological and religious practices. Because of this, many modern Witches blend their Wiccan practices with eastern hermetic traditions such as yoga or Ayurveda. Wicca has no central authority and has a wide variety of sects and lineages. What does this mean for you? Wicca very easy to get started with. The core principles of wicca are based around worship of and/or partnership with the God and Goddess who are ancient deities both associated with the Earth fertility and abundance. Having a divine connection to the natural world, the movements of the moon and the changing yearly energies build the fundamental basis for the majority of Wiccan practitioners.

Where does the new witch start with Wicca?

The good news is that Wicca is an inclusive, flexible and intuitive religion. It will be very easy to find your place. In fact, I’ve put together a quick list of how to get started on your new path!

How do I Get Started with Wicca?

To help you feel welcome on your new spiritual journey, I have a few tips that might help you get started.

  1. Try the ‘Plentiful Earth 30 Day Magikcal Roots Challenge.’

    This famous challenge is a fantastic and accessible way to start your Wiccan journey. Every day of the challenge will introduce you to practical magickal ideas and activities that will help you to learn about Wicca and develop your own practice.
  2. Try growing a herb garden.

    But wait, I hear you cry, I want to be a witch, not a gardener. Well, herbs form a large part of the materials used in spells and rituals. They help invoke certain meanings! For example: – sage for cleansing – rosemary for remembrance. Cultivating your own herbs puts a little of your own intentions and love into the ingredients you are using. Your herb garden no matter how small or big will help you connect with nature too. So much of the Wiccan practice is understanding and growing with the tides of the energy of the year, working with the cycle of the moon and connecting to your own natural rhythms. By growing plants, you instantly begin to connect to the cycles of growth and rest present all around us.
  3. Connect with other witches and practitioners of the craft.

    You don’t have to jump in and join a coven, being a solo practitioner is completely fine but finding new witchy friends to connect with can really help you to grow your own practice. Those who have been practicing longer can offer advice, help you perform rituals or simply share their own experiences. Local covens often have internet page or even Facebook groups these days. If you can’t find an established coven in your area try a digital coven where people from all over the world can chat, and practice via the magick of the web. Check out Witchvox to see what’s happening around you!
  4. Consider investing in a small set of basic spell supplies and ingredients.

    For example, some candles in various colours, a smudge stick, a basic set of essential oils, a few pieces of quartz or even collect small materials you are drawn to whilst on a forest or beach walk.  These items can be the basis of many rituals and spells. For example, using rose incense, lighting pink candles and bathing in Epsom salt on the night of the new moon can help to cleanse negativity and promote self-love. Spells are just the process of manifesting intentions so they don’t need to be complicated. Just start simply and work your way up. PS: You can buy these right here on Plentiful Earth! 
  5. Use online resources such as the Plentiful Earth blog.

    Spellbooks can be wonderful resources, as can books on introduction to Wicca. However with so much information and lots of tips available at the touch of a button right here on Plentiful Earth, it would be a waste not to use it. The experience of years of magickal practice, spell tips, well-being and much more is all online and using it to your advantage is no less valid than getting it from a book.  

These tips are simply jumping off points. Wicca is flexible and personal; it can complex as long, detail rituals with covens or as easy as meditating on manifestation. Spells and rituals are physical tools to aid the manifestation of your intentions. Your intentions come from you not from the rituals. The best thing to remember when starting your witchy Wiccan journey is that the magic is in you already.Copyright 2018 Lauren Hamilton + Plentiful Earth / All Rights Reserved.

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