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Easy Lammas Ritual for Divine Guidance and Blessings

Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is the first traditional Pagan festival of the harvest season. Representing the first of 3 harvests, Lammas is the perfect time to give thanks for all of the spells cast through the year, all of the food eaten through the year, all of the blessings received through the year, and celebrate the ability to relax.

Many Pagans advise against performing spellwork on sacred Sabbat days, such as this one, so this simple Lammas ritual has been created to:

  • Surround yourself with the energies of the Lammas or Lugnasadh season (YAS crystals!)
  • Hear and heed the messages and lessons that we need to learn between this Sabbat and Mabon.

Simple Lammas Ritual for Divine Guidance and Blessings

Lammas Spell Ingredients:

Easy Lammas Spell Directions:

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your sacred space and any new items with your sage or palo santo.
  2. Decorate:
    1. Your Air corner by placing tiger’s eye crystals around your corner candles, like a grid. Think of all of the sparks and epiphanies that gave you brilliant ideas throughout the year.
    2. Your Fire corner by placing carnelian crystals around your corner candles, like a grid. Think of all of the passion you’ve had to start new jobs, hobbies, and paths throughout the year.
    3. Your Water corner by placing Aventurine crystals around your corner candles, like a grid. Think of all of the times you were strong in the face of powerful emotion throughout the year.
    4. Your Earth corner by placing lodestones around your corner candles, like a grid. Think of all of the times you’ve grounded yourself in order to make great decisions throughout the year. If you’ve had a financially successful year, think of that as well.
    5. Your main Altar by placing your cornucopia on top of your pentacle plate to help amplify the energies of abundance in all areas of your life.
    6. Add the candles to your altar space.
  3. Brew: Pour boiling water over a teaspoon of rose hips, and enchant the brewing tea with the energies of continued health and revitalized prosperity.
  4. Cast: Cast your protective, magickal circle in your favorite way! (Don’t have a favorite? Give this one a try!)
  5. Evoke: When you’ve finished casting your circle, say,
    1. “Today, today, on this Lammas day I celebrate the goodness that has come my way! Blessings of love, wealth, happiness, and truth Blessed Lammas, cheers to you!”
    2. Light your Lammas candles and take a sip of your rose hip tea, and say, “Blessed mother, blessed father, and Lammas God Lugh, I drink to you and ask from you, teach me something new.”
  6. Meditate: Slowly sip your rose hip tea and allow yourself to fall into a trance. Feel the sensations of your body and spirit. Open up all of your senses and listen for a message. Allow yourself to meditate on what Lammas means, and ask for a symbol of what to do or learn between now and the next Sabbat.
  7. Give Thanks: Once you’re done, thank your God, Goddess, and God Lugh.
  8. Close Circle: Close your circle with a hearty “An it harm none, so mote it be. Blessed be!”

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