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13 Powers Money Jar Spell

Money spells are a great way to get money fast, but the trick is truly believing that they will work! Manifestation is done with intent, desire, will, and focus; these four ingredients ensure that your spell has the highest chance of working! 

If you’re here, you naturally have an intent, which is to get more money. Your desire and will may stem from an emergency expense that has drained your bank account, your need for a fast cash advance alternative, or help reversing bad credit. Whatever the reason, your desire must be strong to pull in the energy of wealth. 

This money jar spell is created from ingredients that naturally resonate with the energies of wealth, prosperity, money, and power. By putting these items into a single jar, a jar spell can give your magical mind’s eye a place to focus on during your spellwork. 

For this particular wealth spell, we will use the law of attraction premise in tandem with the microcosm/macrocosm nature of sympathetic magick. In short, we’ll use magnets to draw in prosperity energies to a representation of you in the jar. As those energies surround your representation in the jar, you will find money surrounding you in real life.

In magick, money does not manifest from thin air; like all intentions, money spells set actions in motion in order for your goal to show up in your life. Additionally, we know that spells and manifestations tend to take the fastest route possible. In order to protect yourself and those around you from swift money actions, such as car wreck insurance policies, be sure to state that you wish for this spell to harm none in order for it to manifest.

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