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Energy Building: Quick Chant to Manifest your Need

Want to help your need manifest faster? The key to helping your spells and intentions manifest faster is to have emotion and energy behind the intent! One of our favorite ways to raise energy, aside from drumming and dancing, is chanting! The elements are used heavily within this charm because they are the building blocks of existence on our plane.

This quick chant will help you find the rhythm of your circle’s energy, harness it, and add it to your spell. Simply:

  1. Begin chanting the following chant plus your spell.
  2. Feel the elemental building blocks of energy inside of your space.
  3. Know that they are aiding in your spell’s manifestation!
  4. When you feel the speed and energy of the chant mounting, dare to be silent and know that the charm has worked.

Quick Chant to Manifest your Need

This chant can be said with visualization or by passing your written spell over and through the elements as you say them. Always follow your heart and intuition.

As always, spells are worked best within a protective circle where energy can be contained and released intentionally.

Air for intellect

Fire to warm

Water for emotion

Earth to form

[Say your spell or intention for manifestation here]

Repeat as necessary.

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About The Author

Aurora Moone is a beautiful, kind-spirited, loving, motivating, and exciting Witch of 21 years. Having traveled all over the United States, Aurora has close friends of every religious background and spiritual path.

She believes, whole-heartedly, in the power of coexistence through love, respect, and growth. She feels that we have responsibilities that involve everyone, no matter what path they walk.

“No matter what group you commit to, no matter what spirituality you align with, no matter what religion you follow, no matter what political party you fall under, and no matter what your gender or race is, we are all citizens of Earth, and we all have a responsibility.” – Aurora Moone

During her time in Hattiesburg, MS, Aurora founded Coexist at Southern Miss and Southern Miss Spell Casters. She specializes in mindfulness, Usui Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Wicca, meditation, extra-sensory perception, instant magic, and tarot analysis and reading. She is a 4th rank Temple Tradition Priestess.

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