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12 Superstitions that could Bring You More Money

Superstitions have existed since the dawn of time, in every single culture around the world.

Some of these come from ancient wisdom passed down from our ancestors, and some are based on an almost subconscious understanding of the world around us and the phenomena we encounter on a daily basis.

Think superstitions are crazy?

We bet you unknowingly follow a superstition or two at least once a week!

A lot of superstitions are done to keep us safe from unknown and unseen forces, but did you also know you can utilize this ancient wisdom and magic to shape the very world around you? You can use the power of “superstitions” to bring you your desires.

One of the easiest things to manifest with the use of very real superstitions and simple magick is money. Pay your bills, go on vacation, buy that new expensive toy you’ve been wanting.  

1. Keep your Bread Upright for Money 🥖

via GIPHY Always keep your bread right side up! Placing it upside down on the table or handing a slice to someone upside don not only looks silly, but it can bring poverty and hunger to anyone who accepts it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, always visualize things going right and your way when you set your bread on the table.

2. Wear Jade Rings for Wealth 💍

via GIPHY You know those pretty rings carved entirely out of jade? This is one of our favorite and most affordable superstitions! If you’re a man, wear a jade ring on your left hand, and if you’re a woman, wear it on your right hand. It is said that wearing jade will bring amazing amounts of money your way. Be sure to visualize and believe!

3. Use the Number 8 for Infinite Wealth 8️⃣


Do you see the number 8 everywhere you look? How very fortuitous. The number 8 is a super lucky number in many Asian cultures. Lots of people choose to get married on dates that contain the number 8 or even buy houses where 8 is in the house number. In numerology, 8 is the number of karmic balance. Write the number 8 on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet! Can anyone say infinite flows of money?

4. These are the bugs you WANT to find in your house 🐛


In many cultures, primarily Trinidad, they recognize how lucky some bugs are. Grasshoppers and spiders are very fortunate, so if you happen to catch one inside, you can be happy knowing that money is on its way to you. In China, they often keep a cricket in a little cage to attract wealth and good fortune. So, if you really hate live bugs, get an adorable cricket statue to adorn your money altar!

5. Keep Those Pennies! 💰


Feng Shui teaches us that money attracts money. I’m sure you’ve noticed in your life that when you have money, it seems that you’re able to attract money more easily than when you don’t. Keep a little jar of money in your kitchen to make this magic work for you. Pennies are fine if that’s all you have. It’s the intent that matters the most.

6. Trinka Five 🙏🏽


The Trinka Five is a simple, but incredibly powerful, old Romanian spell that can be used for all sorts of blessings. We’ve got some great news: most often, this spell is used to draw money to you like a magnet. It’s so easy to do, and so effective, you’ll see results quickly. Chant the following: “Trinka Five! Trinka Five! Ancient spirits come alive! Bring me money, bring it quick! Spirits of the Trinka Five!” This works even faster if you drop three or five coins in a cup as you chant. YAAS, pennies are fine. If you do this daily, upon waking, you’re certain to be prosperous.

7. Throw Your Money Away ⛲


Do you throw money into fountains and wishing wells? Perf! It’s a simple magic spell that’s been used for centuries. One of Water’s powers is that it can bring you a swift change of fortune. Change, get it? 🥁 Water has been viewed as sacred for as long as humans can remember, so giving a small offering to a well or fountain will tip the scales of fortune and wealth in your favor.

8. Become a Money Magnet: Money attracts Money 💵


We’re back to that saying again. You may wonder why it keeps coming up, and the reason is that it’s absolutely true. In Greece, it’s common practice to keep money on you to attract more. This means a coin or two in your purse, your pocket, or your wallet. Don’t ever completely empty any of these things, because then you’re, in effect, getting rid of your money. If you give a purse or even a wallet as a gift, it’s customary to put a bit of money in there first to spread that good money magic around.

9. Bird Poop for Prosperity? 🐦


This superstition sounds crazy, but it’s true. If a bird relieves itself near you, it’s a sign of money coming your way. Even better if the bird relieves itself while flying directly over you. It might be a little gross and messy, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it when you start seeing that cash come in.

10. Your Words are Your Power. Speak money and it shall be! 🤑


One of the most important things you can do to attract money is to change the way you talk about it. Stop saying things like, “I can’t afford anything” or “I’ll always be broke”. Remember earlier when we talked about money attracting money? Like attracts like. Try changing your language to something like, “I look forward to being able to afford” or, “I know money is coming my way”. Start believing it, and it will be true.

11. Cinnamon For Wealth ⚡


One of the easiest money spells you can do today, with little preparation, is to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon in your wallet. Cinnamon attracts wealth. Likewise, if you’re about to gamble, dust your hands with a little cinnamon. Just be very careful to not rub your eyes!

12. A Few Simple Money Spells ✨

How to cast a money spell

Give our Famous Cinnamon Money Spell a try! Burn green candles in your home. Nail a horseshoe, facing up, above your front door. This will catch wealth and luck for you. Keep a bowl of change by your front door. You can start with pennies, of course! Keep a money tree in your house. The botanical name is Pachira Aquatica. Try some of these today! Incorporate them in your day-to-day life, and watch the money just flow to you.

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