When To Cast Money Spells

Spell timing is important. Money is important. We’re here to help you know when to get the best bang for your buck when casting a money spell.

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When it comes to casting spells, having as much energy in your favor as possible is the way to go.

This not only helps ensure that your spell will manifest, but it also helps fill in the gaps if your stress is getting the better of you!

After all, your power comes from yourself, but it’s okay to ask for help sometimes, too!

Why is spell timing important?

Just like with other things in life, there is a good time to do something and a great time to do something!

While it’s not bad to perform Witchcraft for money during the waning moon or on a Saturday, it doesn’t add any extra power to your working.

If you can postpone your spell until a specific day like Thursday, the waxing moon phase, or a cash-friendly sun sign, more power to you. Literally!

So, if you’re wondering if you should wait until a specific day of the week, even in emergencies, our rule of thumb is if it’s incredibly important cast twice — once now and again during more favorable times. 

When is the best time to cast a money spell?

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We recommend that you pull out your green candles or cinnamon during/on: 

Whether you’re a practitioner of modern Witchcraft, traditional Pagan religions, or early modern Paganism, you’ll love the results you get from performing money magic during these times!

What are some money spells that work?

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