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Evoke Definition | What Does Evoke Mean? | Your Witchcraft Dictionary

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You may have heard that you should “evoke” something into your sacred space, not invoke. If you’ve ever watched The Craft, you know that there’s something called “invoking the spirit”.

So, what’s the difference? What does it mean to evoke something in a spell or ritual?

Let’s find out.


The general definition of evoke is “to call forth”.

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Witchcraft Definition Of Evoke

In Witchcraft, Paganism, Wicca, and Occult practices evoke means “to call something to a space around you.”

What does invoke mean?

Invoke differs from “evoke” because when you invoke something, you call that person or thing into you – instead of around you. Learn more about what invoke means here.

Examples Of Evoke

We know, it’s confusing. If you’re like us, examples help us visualize! 

When in doubt, replace the word “evoke” with “stirs up” or “call forth”. If it fits, then evoke is the right choice!

Here are some ways to use evoke in a sentence: 

  • “This ritual evokes a powerful emotion; that’s how you know you’ve done it right!”
  • “Evoke Hecate into your meditative space and ask her for guidance.”

How To Use Invoke Vs. Evoke

Spiritually speaking, invoke is used when you want to call something into your body.

Evoke is used when you want to call something into your sacred space.

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