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I Couldn’t Ditch The Last Of My High-Functioning Anxiety – Then I Tried These Words Of Affirmation

For years, I was proud of my ability to push through any scary scenario by being hyper-aware of everything. I prided myself on always looking for the best way forward, checking out all possible pitfalls, and then going full-steam ahead towards the best course of action.

My brain would run at 100 miles per minute, automatically working through all possible outcomes to ensure that anything I did would be successful.

Sure, my pattern gave me some anxiety, but that’s okay because this method always worked. It’s okay, right? 

Why My High-Functioning Anxiety Was Keeping Me Awake At Night

It turns out that I had high-functioning anxiety, which can trick you into thinking that if there’s a tomorrow, tomorrow will be filled with problems to solve.

Every night, in the shower, I would think about what I needed to do the next day and create elaborate structured plans for the simplest of tasks.

I never stopped to remind myself that it’s fine to plan, but not everything is an emergency. 

I never gave myself any reassurance that I am safe, and that I’m just thinking for the future.

So, I made the choice to take time to remind myself that in this moment, I am safe.

What I Did To Fight High-Functioning Anxiety

First, I worked with a certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) mental health professional to help me understand, process, and overcome past events that built the foundation for my generalized anxiety disorder.

When I say that I feel the most amazing I’ve ever felt in my life, that’s a massive understatement! I feel incredible. It feels like my brain is no longer running in circles to make sense of old traumas – but there were always small specs of the overactive worrying habits that would creep in. 

It was because I wasn’t filling those spaces with positive reinforcement.

I needed to fill those gaps where unrealistic worrying used to live with positive reminders of reality.

Then, I spent every night in the shower doing positive affirmations instead of planning for tomorrow.

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The Words Of Affirmation I Use To Manifest My Reality

I am healthy.I am healing.I am safe.I am wealthy.I am light.

Every night, during my highest planning time (the shower), I repeat those words to myself.

Now, instead of my mindset centering around uncertainty before bed, my mind rests on what’s real at this moment.

The shift has been incredible. 

My mind is more flexible during a dumpster fire, and it’s because I know that at the core of it all, I’m healthy, safe, and flowing with the pure light of possibility.

Key Takeaway

Trade your worry time with positive affirmations. For a bonus, sprinkle in some gratitude journaling or deep breathing exercises.

This helps your brain understand that you’re safe. It also helps your subconscious drive you towards the true act of being healthy, safe, and wealthy.

Once your brain believes something, it will act on its own accord to make it a reality.

Create your reality by helping your brain understand where to navigate to.

Build your daily life around your idea of the highest quality of life by repeating daily affirmations.

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