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Full Harvest Moon: 9 Things To Do During This Full Moon

The Sturgeon Full Moon is behind us, the Autumnal Equinox is ahead of us, and the Full Harvest Moon is here. It’s Harvest Moon Season!

First. The vibe. The Harvest Moon is our favorite full moon because it signifies 6 things: 

  1. Fall is almost here.
  2. Pumpkin spice is back in stores.
  3. Apple cider is back in the rotation. (Try our Apple Cider recipe!)
  4. Oktoberfest is around the corner.
  5. Cool, crisp breezes are on their way.
  6. Halloween is in less than 60 days.

You’re vibing with us, right? So, let’s use this energy to create our best next 30 days with these 9 ways to work with Harvest Moon energy.

But wait, why is it even called a “harvest moon”?

Here are 9 ways to reconnect, ground, and find gratitude in your life at this moment.

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1. Spiritual Labyrinth: Visit A Corn Maze To Clear Your Mind, Find Your Way & Start Fresh

Traditionally, labyrinths are very spiritual experiences. They were created in ancient times by laying stone paths in a pattern and are meant to help you clear your mind as you wander towards the gravitational pull of the center.

An aerial shot of a large corn maze.

Let’s modernize it. Also, who has a labyrinth just lying around? Local harvest festivals, in the form of a corn maze!

Two people walking in a yellowing corn maze.

How To Use A Corn Maze For Spiritual Growth

Corn has been growing throughout the summer season, soaking up all the rays of the sun, to become the sweetest it can possibly become. Let’s work with this during this full harvest moon.

  1. Find and visit a harvest festival & support local agriculture.
  2. Think about how, like corn, you’ve spent all summer soaking up the rays of the sun, and now, you’re going to emerge from the other side of this maze as sweet, happy, and radiant as possible.
  3. Enter the corn maze and think about all of the good things that have happened to you. 
  4. When you feel lost, recall a time when you may have felt lost over the last few months. Remember that just like this corn maze, you found your way out of the other side. Positive vibes!
  5. When you find the exit, remind yourself that there is always a bright other side to any situation.

2. Ground Yourself: As Leaves Connect To Earth, So Does Your Energy

Grounding is the act of visualizing yourself reconnecting to the earth and absorbing fresh, healing, positive energy through your metaphysical “roots.” 

It’s also a great way to pull your head out of the clouds and back onto the ground.

A woman holding her heart chakra and breathing in nature.

Grounding helps you regain balance by reminding yourself of what exists here and now, instead of just in the mental cloud space of worry. So, let’s balance your energies.

How To Practice Grounding With The Full Harvest Moon

The Autumn Equinox is all about balance, and since it’s right around the corner, we can mesh these two vibes together. As autumn leaves fall, they seep deep into the soil, creating fresh, new energy to be absorbed.

This is a great time to remember everything that was built before to help you achieve everything you’ve gotten so far in life.

  1. Stand, barefoot, or sit on the ground. 
  2. Visualize that you have roots spreading deep into the warm earth.
  3. As you breathe in, visualize that your roots are pulling warm, healing energies from the earth and up into your body.
  4. You’re halfway to balance.
  5. As you feel the energy growing up through your roots, push it out of the top of your head, pretending that you’re growing tall, long branches that reach up to the sky.
  6. Breathe out and feel cool sky energy, the balance of the warm earth energy, being pulled back down into your body, through your leaves, branches, and trunk, down into the earth.
  7. Breathe in, through your roots and up, then breathe out, down from your leaves, and into your body.
  8. When you feel balanced, thank the Fall leaves and your past experiences for continuing to nourish the earth and yourself.

3. Moon Bathe: Clear Away Negative Energy From The Summer Season

It’s no coincidence that science says that artificial light, usually blue light, keeps us awake at night or keep us from enjoying deep sleep; our ancestors used to work and travel by the light of the moon.

It’s in our DNA to be refreshed and revitalized when moon energy hits our eyes and skin.

So, let’s use this to our advantage and soak up some moon rays!

How To Moon Bathe

Moon bathing doesn’t require water, nor does it require being nude; of course, you can definitely do either! Moon bathing isn’t the same as a moon bath.

a man sitting on the ground under the full moon

Instead, moon bathing is a way to let the bright light of the moon help you feel empowered, alive, and energized.

  1. Sit outside in whatever way you feel most comfortable.
  2. Spend some time soaking in the silvery bright moonlight, allowing it to break up, dissolve, and wash away any worries, exhaustion, and negativity.

4. Try A Full Moon Ritual: Manifest Love, Money, Clarity

The full moon is the most powerful time and ideal time of the moon cycle. Moon intentions tend to manifest faster than regular intentions because of the energetic pull and deep symbolism of the moon.

Spells To Try During A Full Harvest Moon

Cast a moon circle, or protective circle, and give these spells a try!

5. Do Divination: Tarot, Oracle Card, or Pendulum Reading

It’s always such a great idea to check in, energetically and psychically, where you are in your own life. 

Tarot and oracle cards are a great way to gain a fresh, in-depth perspective on things you haven’t considered.

Try this simple Next Growth Step Tarot Spread.

Pendulums are a great way to help you uncover how you’re feeling, which is always great to do during the emotional full moon. 

We always recommend doing your own spiritual readings or having a trusted friend perform them. Always be wary of scams.

6. Harvest Good Vibes: Practice Gratitude For Your Latest Wins

Full Harvest Moon = Harvest Season = Modern Harvesting Of Good Vibes.

Take a moment and write out 13 things you’re grateful for. Be sure to use as much detail as possible!

For an added boost of mysticism, do this under the light of the moon, with grey candles, or with silver candles!

7. Cleanse Your Crystals & Spiritual Tools: Reset Vibes For The Next Month Of Support

Just like moon bathing, the light of this late summer moon also helps cleanse harmful energies away from your crystals!

If you’ve been using crystals or any jewelry to help clear energy, place them under the moonlight to help reset them to their natural vibrations.

8. Do a Moon Meditation: Discover What To Work On Next

Lunar energy is said to be a very guiding source of wisdom.

In this meditation, simply visualize the moonlight entering your crown chakra and filling your body with silver light. 

Ask the moon what you should focus on for the next month. 

Let your meditation unfold. Write down what you learn.

9. Stargaze: Feel Connected To The Cosmos & Grateful For Your Perfect Time On Earth

The Harvest Moon is meant to help us remember what we have here on Earth, but sometimes life feels so damn big. 

Take a moment and look at photos of space or stargaze. 

Think about how large and massive our Universe is.

Let your mind wander on how many planets are not inhabitable.

Remember that Earth is, and we’re so lucky to be thriving!

You’re thriving! 

Your worries are small compared to your beautiful life! 

You’ve got this.

Enjoy the full harvest moon.

Why Is It Called A Harvest Moon?

Everyone’s ancestors – Native Americans, Ancient Celts, Anglo Saxons, everyone – all went through the same yearly struggle: growing fruits and vegetables so they could continue to live for another year.

If their crops were successful, they had a lot of work ahead of them. Depending on their local cultures, the either: 

  • Used the extra light of the moon to harvest as much as possible, deep into the night.
  • Used the full moon as a night to party, to take a break from the hard work of harvesting the food that sustained their tribes and villages.

As you can see, the theme is “harvest time.” In the northern hemisphere, this moon marked the start of the harvest season.  So, the full moon in September became known as the Harvest Moon.

In modern times, harvest for most of us is going to the grocery store, or we have lights to help us harvest whenever we want.

So, currently, this full moon means something different.

We focus more on harvesting the good things that have happened in our lives as a way to reconnect with our Selves. 

The best way to reconnect is through gratitude. The full moon is our favorite time to practice gratitude and reset our energy for the next lunar month. So, let’s get started.

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