Next Magickal Growth Step Tarot Spread

Next Growth Step Tarot Spread

Tarot is one of our most amazing and versatile forms of divination. It can be used to answer simple yes and no questions, it can be utilized to give full narratives of events that are about to unfold, or they can be used to gain deeper understanding or a shifted perspective into a situation or scenario.

In Wicca, many Witches utilize the cards to understand if their pending spellwork is beneficial or if the spell should not be performed. For growth masters, the Tarot can be a window into the next step of growth on your magickal path.

Originally written for day 1 of The #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge, this card spread can be used to understand any next step on your path — mundane or magickal!

Next Growth Step Tarot Spread

The cards in this spread are to be laid out in a stair step pattern, with card number 1, which represents the full next step, at the top of the stairs to your goal, and the other cards being the stepping stones to attain that goal.

Ask your question before picking the card from the deck. Ask your question again, as you lay the card down into the spread. After laying all of the cards down in the spread, ask your question one last time, as you turn the card over.

Tarot Spread Layout


Tarot Card Questions

Card 1

What is the next step on my spiritual path?

Card 2

What is hindering or opposing my next growth step? What will be the last hurdle for me to cross?

Card 3

What will help me achieve my next step on my path?

Card 4

What attitude or aspect of my ego should I let go of?

Card 5

What attitude should I cultivate to help me achieve my next growth step?


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