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Full Moon Emotional Clarity Chant for Empaths

If you’re reading this, chances are, the Full Moon is right around the corner, and to make matters more interesting, you’re also an empath! The Moon governs, rules, and enhances emotions; as the moon travels through its phases, its lunar energy influences emotions, feminine qualities, energy levels, and personal clarity.

As we approach the full phase of the moon, emotions, feminine energies, and perception of personal strength and power are at an all-time high, while our clarity feels clouded. This sends individuals into a sense of overwhelming bliss, but for empaths, this sends us into an overwhelming whirlwind!

People with empathic abilities not only have their own, individual sense of overwhelming bliss at this time, they are also picking up on the overwhelming bliss of those around them.

This happens all day, every day, but during and around the full moon, it feels multiplied. In fact, most empaths don’t realize that they are empaths, and they have a difficult time realizing that only a fraction of the emotions that they are feeling are their own!

This Full Moon Emotional Clarity Chant for Empaths uses the power and visualization of the Moon and helps to remove the veil of the emotional turmoil of those around you. This chant enables you to consciously tune out the emotions of others and helps you focus on your very own emotions!

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Full Moon Emotional Clarity Chant for Empaths

Full moon light wash over me,
Wash away emotions that don’t belong to me.
Full moon light wash over me,
Grant me personal clarity.

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon Emotional Clarity Chant for Empaths

  1. Inge says:

    I have episodes of anxiety today and since I’m an empath I wondered if my feeling was related to the upcoming full moon. There is nothing happening right now that would give me feelings of anxiety so I will give your chant a try. Thank you for sharing!

    • Aurora Moone says:

      Hi Inge!

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing anxiety; you’re definitely not alone! I feel it, too! The full moon gives out a great amount of energy, and sensitive people feel charged but have no outlet for that energy! Sometimes, that energy feels like anxiety when it’s all dressed up with nowhere to go! A great thing to keep in mind is that empaths pick up what isn’t visible! Even though those around you don’t seem to be going through anything, they may be! I once spent 6 months with a close co-worker that was going through a deep depression; externally, he seemed like the happiest person on earth!

      I was so relieved to find out that my symptoms mirrored his, once he opened up about how he was feeling! Once I realized that I wasn’t depressed and the feeling was coming from him, I was able to shield and help him through it!

      I hope the chant works well for you! Also, practice shielding and carrying a piece of black tourmaline to get rid of empathic anxiety!

      – Aurora Moone

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