Stress Be Gone Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

In today’s society, stress infiltrates our lives more than ever. The average cost of living is skyrocketing, we are under more pressure to make ends meet, and work stress naturally piles on top of it. If you’re empathic, your stress load is compounded from those around you. Stress can be very disabling. That makes us ask the question if there are crutches for disabled limbs, why can’t there be crutches for a disabled state of mind?

What if you had an essential oil room spray that eliminated stress? What if there was an aura spray that removed mental fatigue? What if there was a quick way to dispel stressful vibes? There is! My Stress Be Gone Room Spray is comprised of essential oils for stress and essential oils for anxiety! These come together to lighten the load on your energy field, reduce anxiety, and reduce stress! Simply spray and take a few deep breaths.

Stress be Gone Room Spray Recipe

Essential Oil Room Spray Ingredients

Room Spray Recipe Directions

  1. Place all ingredients into the spray bottle. Shake and visualize yourself being stress-free.
  2. Spray and allow your mind to relax. Feel the outside stress melt away. Feel your brain becoming more alert and focused on your goal.

My belief is that when it comes to mental health, you should take all avenues of healing. So, in addition to this spray, be sure to contact your doctor to test you for anxiety and depression; this is not a cure for any mental health malady.

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Deanna “Eira” Hanson found her calling in Yosemite Valley when she heard the call of wild and beyond, has an affinity to the cycles of the earth and developing a better relationship with the plants in her neighborhood.

Eira has many friends in all different religions and spiritual paths. Her personal experience is with Christianity and Earth-based religions, she believes in the power of understanding, kindness, personal balance, knowledge, and has a longtime personal saying, “everyone is a teacher if all learn to listen”.

She specializes in massage, herbalism, and holistic healing. She is currently working towards a professional membership in the American Herbalist Guild.

In her daily life, she owns and operates a small clinic called Spiral Healing in the Pacific Northwest, which focuses on holistic massage techniques, aromatherapy, and herbalism.

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