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5 Ways to Use Florida Water Cologne

Witches love making sure their house, aura, and life are clean, pure, and blessed. We sprinkle salt in the corners of our rooms, wash our windows with moon water, smudge every area of life, and plant rosemary and basil for protection, but there is one more amazing spiritual cleanser that many Witches don’t know about. Florida Water Cologne. 

What is Florida Water?

Originally created as “The most popular perfume in the world”, Florida Water was introduced to the United States in 1808. It was named after the Fountain of Youth, which was originally believed to be in Clearwater, Florida.

As people started to wear the citrus-scented perfume, they began to notice that their luck, safety, and overall happiness was a little higher when they had it on. It was only a matter of time before this cologne became a secret staple of many magical households.

Today, its magical power makes perfect sense if you’re familiar with the magical properties of the cologne’s ingredients. Most Florida water recipes contain a mix of alcohol, which appeases spirits, holy water or flower water, which protects the user, lemon oil, which promotes happiness, orange oil, which cleanses negativity, and lavender oil, which brings calm. These essential oils work together to create a powerful protection potion.

5 Florida Water Uses

1. Make a Florida Water house and floor wash to purify and protect your home.

Add ½ cup of the cologne to 1 quart of water. Use this to mop your floors and wash your windows while visualizing white light filling your home.

2. Use Florida Water as an aura spray to remove negative energy from your home and office.

Pour the cologne into a small, portable spray bottle, add a quartz or amethyst crystal, cap, and spray! A little goes a long way, so spray a small amount! We like to spray this before beginning energy work to clear out stagnant energy.

3. Use Florida Water to draw protection sigils.

Add a few drops of the cologne to your finger and draw your favorite protection symbols on your windows, doors, car, candles, and more!

4. Add Florida Water to your bath water for an easy spiritual bath.

Spiritual baths are a great way to spiritually cleanse your aura. Simply add a few drops to your running water, soak in the bath for 20 minutes, and feel the positive energy flowing in and over your body. 

5. Use Florida Water as a magical protection perfume.

Add the cologne to a roll-on vial and use it to draw magical sigils on your body! You can also use this protection perfume to align your energy bodies by anointing your chakra points! 

About to perform Reiki? Anoint your hands with Florida Water! It’s easy to draw the symbols with roll-on perfume!

Where can I buy Florida Water?

You can buy the cologne and everything you need for this article right here, at Plentiful Earth.

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