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Samhain Pronunciation: How To Pronounce Samhain Correctly [With Video]

You’re headed to the covenstead or meeting up with your favorite Witches for Samhain Celebrations, a popular Gaelic festival ritual, but you have one giant hangup. How do you pronounce “Samhain”?

How Do You Pronounce Samhain?

The good news is – there’s not really a wrong way to pronounce Samhain.

In fact, the way you pronounce it depends a lot on what tradition you’re learning from!

Popularized by Wicca, Samhain is a celebration that occurs before the Winter Solstice, around the same time as Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, and Day of the Dead — on or around October 31.

This wonderful day is often celebrated as a time to commune with our ancestors and the passing spirits, as the veil between the worlds has become its thinnest.

The festival of Samhain is easily most Witches’ favorite Sabbat of the year, a fact we can all agree on. However, it’s easy to strike up a war of the Witches when it comes to saying the word out loud!

We know firsthand, as American Witches in the United States, how embarrassing it can be to read the ancient Gaelic word “Sam-Hayne” on paper when we’re learning and then try to say it in front of seasoned coven-mates!

We’re here to save you some red cheeks and give you the confidence to talk about your favorite holiday out loud!

The good news?

There are 3 ways to say this ancient Celtic pronunciation, each from a different region of its birthplace!

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Samhain Pronunciation In Irish Gaelic – With Video!

Irish speakers flow this beautiful Celtic festival’s name as:

Samhain Pronunciation In Welsh

In Wales, you’ll likely hear this Autumn festival spoken as:

  • Sow-een

How To Pronounce “Sam-hain” In Scottish Gaelic

This version of the Gaelic term sounds the closest to the American English speakers pronunciation, “Sam-Hain”.

  • Sav-en

Now, pick your favorite way and say it with pride, Witch!

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