When is Samhain?

Countdown to Samhain

History of Samhain

What cultures does Samhain come from?

Am I allowed to celebrate Samhain if I’m not Celtic?

We love to tell everyone to follow their own guidance, follow their own energy, and, if you’re called to, follow their ancestry. Learn anything you’re called to learn and then respect what you have learned and experienced. Respect is key.

What are other names for Samhain?

Samhain Correspondences

Goddesses and Gods

Cerridwen, Hecate, Hel, The Morrigan, Thanatos


Orange, Black, Purple

Herbs, Oils, and Incenses

Cinnamon, clove, patchouli


Apples, meats, potatoes, pumpkins, turnips


Acorn, cats, familiars, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, scrying items, scythes


Witches’ New Year, Ancestor Remembrance, New Beginnings, Psychic Abilities




This beautiful 8” x 5” x 4” box features Hecate’s Triple Pentacle carved into the top, each pentacle symbolizing a different side of the Goddess.


  • Great Sabbat feast decor 🍗
  • Help protect altar tables from wax and ash 🕯
  • 72" x 21" 📏

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Practitioner of psychic prowess? Have a love for the energies of beyond? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited to offer this Ouija Board Planchette Necklace! Don’t worry; it’s not haunted. This stunning Ouija Board Planchette Necklace features the classic “Yes”, “No”, and “Goodbye” that we’ve come to love on the spirit board. That’s [...]


  • Reconstituted 10% quartz 🔮
  • Crystal clear ✨
  • 5" in diameter 📏
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  • Great as an altar cloth or wall decoration ⭐
  • Has every Northern Hemisphere Witches' Sabbat date 📆
  • 24" 📏
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  • Amazingly Witchy 🔮
  • Silver-coated sides that resonate with the Moon 🌕
  • 48 large, easy to read cards + book 📖
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This Bronze Goddess Hecate Statue is an exact replica of this Cream Hecate Statue. Hecate, the Titan Goddess, is one of our favorite deities! When you’re at a decision point or a crossroads, she can show you the best path! This version of Hecate is cream-colored, features the Goddess holding a lighted staff, and measures 6″ [...]


Resin incenses are the most popular type of incense among Witches because it is the cleanest and most pure form of incense. This Copal Resin Incense is great for purification, consecration, communication across other planes, and banishing. Burn resin incense on charcoal tablets.

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  • Great for Christian Witches 🌙
  • A mix of intuition and verse ✝️
  • Square cards 🎴
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  • Great for connecting with spiritual realms 🔮
  • Burn during Samhain 🧡
  • 13 incense sticks ♨️
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This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly incorporating feline characteristics and legend into traditional tarot archetypes, Maria Kurarai’s Black Cats Tarot Deck captures these creatures moving between worlds of reality and fantasy, the mundane and mystical. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own [...]


  • See the Greenman in every card 🌳
  • Great info on Druidry 📗
  • 25 cards and a 128-page guidebook 📖
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Blending sage and sweetgrass, Sage Spirit’s Sage and Sweetgrass Cleansing Stick mingles two of the most commonly used herbs used in smudging rituals into a single smudge stick for purification and cleansing. This herb stick measures 5″.

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Hecate is the Greek Triple Goddess, and her triple goddess form is shown on this Hecate Necklace! This amulet depicts her torches, key, serpents, and three heads. Wear this necklace when you need help and guidance at crossroads and when you need assistance in seeing all sides of a situation. This pewter amulet measures 1 1/4″ [...]


Known for its vanilla-like aroma, this Benzoin Incense Powder is made from its granular state and can be used with your charcoal burner to improve the atmosphere of your home or add to your ritual magick. This is a 2 ounce package.

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Between the visible and the invisible, between memory and the supernatural, there is a liminal space, the world of ghosts. This is where restless spirits exist during those fleeting moments when they search for their lost mortality. Davide Corsi’s Tarot of the Ghosts takes you to a romantic and eternal world, where unique wisdom abides. This [...]

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  • Easier to read than traditional tarot cards 🎴
  • Ghoulishly gorgeous + a perfect gift for Samhain! 🔮
  • 36 card deck ⭐
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  • Perfect for Samhain 🎃
  • Use in romance spells 💕
  • 20 candles. 4" x .5" 📏
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  • Great for receiving guidance from Shiva 🔮
  • Helps remove stress when focusing on divination 👁️
  • 9"-10" long, sizes may vary 📏
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  • Beautifully printed 💀
  • Jute + Rope ⭐
  • 14" x 16" 📏
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The color brown represents grounding, stability, neutrality, and the element of Earth. Use this Brown Taper Candle in candle magic and other rituals when you are seeking the energies of the color brown. This taper candle measures 6″ x 5/8″.

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This great Red Witch Candle is perfect for finding your passion for Witchcraft! Light this candle any time you need to find what fuels your personal path of Witchcraft or Wicca! This candle measures 6-7″.

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This Black Pentacle Drawstring Bag, measuring 5 inches in length, is a great tool for spellcraft! Boasting a pentacle on both its front and back, this bag is perfect to create a spell sachet, a mojo bag, or gris gris bag with. Comes randomly selected with a black or orange drawstring.


  • Great for reclaiming your power ⭐
  • Represents new beginnings with the waxing moon 🌙
  • Pewter. 🌟
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