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Wicca 101: What is an Athame?

Wicca is one of the most mystical religions! We have delicious smelling incense, magical chants, and, of course, spells that work. If you’re a “Baby Witch” you may be still wondering how to get started, what tools you need, or what an athame is. This quick Wicca 101 article will help you get a handle on what this magical dagger is, what it’s for, and when to use it.

What is an athame?

Whether you are called to use a medieval dagger, a butter knife, a letter opener, or personally designed dagger, an athame is an elemental tool that helps you direct energy within your circle or spell. 

It can be used to cast your circle. It can be used to cut your circle. It can be used to point energy at a target. 

However, it should never be used for physical cutting or harm. According to the Wiccan tradition, you should use your boline to cut.

Traditionally, an athame is made with a black handle, but we know how us Witches are with tradition. So, we recommend selecting an athame that fits your personality.

When you aren’t using your magical dagger, keep it sheathed and wrapped in a black cloth to keep negative energy away from your blade.

How do you pronounce Athame?

Due to your location or particular Wiccan spiritual path, the pronunciation of “athame” depends on your personal beliefs and practices. It can be pronounced: 

  • Ath-a-may
  • Ath-ahh-may
  • Ath-aim

We prefer “ath-a-may”, as seen in the video below.

What is in a Wiccan starter kit?

Along with your book of shadows, items that are typically included in a Wiccan starter kit are referred to as your magical tools. These magical tools are usually an athame, boline, cauldron, chalice, offering bowl, bell, crystals, oils, and herbs. We know it can take a while to get these items gathered, but we hope our store can make it easy for you!

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What can I use if I don’t have an athame?

We also know that magical daggers can be expensive. They also may not be allowed in dorm rooms, or you may be a new Mother who doesn’t want sharp objects around your new baby! If you don’t have this tool, you can use the pointer finger of your dominant hand, also known as your power hand, as your athame!

Just imagine that the energy is flowing out of your finger, instead of out of a blade!

Check out our other Wicca for beginners section to learn more about how to be a Wiccan!

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