A fresh spread of lush basil leaves with a caption: how to metaphysically connect with basil.

How to Magickally Connect with Basil

The “Witch’s herb” Basil is traditionally used in love spells, prosperity rituals, and banishing unwanted energies in your home. When used in love spells, Basil often has a specific message for people who don’t understand the difference between commitments and intimacy. Her magic will help bridge the gap between these love and lust, and she can bring your relationships into a healthier balance. This is one of the reasons why it is used in love spells.  Depending on how you choose to use this herb, basil can connect your mind and body, heal aches and pains, and increase vitality. When you’re ready to begin working with this magickal herb, be sure to Introduce yourself to Basil. Sweet and polite, she will lend her secrets to you if you treat her gently.  

How can I easily connect with Basil in a magickal way?

  1. Hang out with Basil in the garden and meditate on her energy.
  2. Make Basil tea and notice how the energy feels as it moves through your body.
  3. Creating a beautiful dish of pesto pasta with fresh Basil, and watch the magick unfold within your family.
  4. Make a basil flower essence and work with the vibrations, directly.

I always recommend connecting with each and every herb before committing to serious work; this will increase your magick, tenfold.Copyright 2018 Eira + Plentiful Earth / All Rights Reserved.

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