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Allow your mind to focus on your mantras during meditation with this Fancy Elastic Amethyst and Fluorite Mala! Alternating between sections of amethyst and fluorite, this mala contains 108 beads that measure 8mm in diameter. The purple tassel at the end signals that you’ve repeated your mantra 108 times, and it’s time to turn around [...]


  • Spiritual Meaning: Opens third eye, increase meditation, psychic ability 👁
  • How To Use: Choose a mantra, repeat the mantra, use beads to count repetitions. 📿
  • Size: 108 beads. 5.5mm in diameter. 36" long 📏

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  • Great for calming an active mind 🧠
  • Simply repeat your mantra, move to the next bead, repeat 📿
  • 108 beads 🌟
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  • Also known as yoga necklaces, prayer beads, or hindu rosary 📿
  • Perfect for maintaining focus during meditation 🙏🏽
  • Contains the traditional 108 beads 🤩