A potion bottle surrounded by crystals in a metaphysical shop, casting an enchantment of joy.

Spell for Happiness

Sad this Valentine’s Day? Bring some instant happiness into your life! Happiness is a feeling that everyone craves on a daily basis, no matter what point you are at in your life. How do you create happiness? You create happiness by surrounding yourself with things that elevate your mood to a place where you can make clearly make accurate decisions for happier future.

In short, you can and should raise your mood temporarily to create happiness in the long run. How do you do that?

Can you bottle happiness? We think so! In fact, we know so! This happiness bottle spell creates an energy condenser or energy anchor that draws the energies of happiness to you and the area surrounding your spell bottle.

An energy condenser or energy anchor is any item or container that is made up of materials that vibrate at a specific level that act as a magnet and a magnifier of that same vibration. Make a condenser or anchor for happiness and happiness is called forth and magnified! So, yes, you can bottle happiness!

This particular happiness spell is made up of herbs, stones, and liquids that promote happiness and is charged to radiate that happy energy out to seven feet around the area of the happiness energy condenser. You can make this as pretty as you like, but trust us, the beauty adds to the appeal! Something that looks beautiful creates a sense of happiness, and if made well, it can even be left out on display as a piece of art in your home!

Happiness Bottle Spell


  • Glass Vial or Jar (Buy Me!)
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Amethyst Chips
  • Pink Rose Petals (Buy Me!)
  • 1 Olive Leaf
  • 1 Small Peridot
  • Rose Oil
  • Gold Essence (optional)


  1. Tightly pack your glass vial or jar with the ingredients in any order that appeals to you, being sure to charge each ingredient for happiness as you add it to the bottle! How do you charge an item? Simply hold the item in your hands and visualize yourself at your absolute happiest, tell the item that you are charging it for happiness, and imagine it surrounded by pink light!
  2. After you’ve added all of the dry ingredients to the bottle, add a few drops of charged rose oil and a drop of the gold essence, which is an optional energy super charger.
  3. Close your bottle and charge the bottle for happiness! You can set parameters on the bottle by visualizing and saying those parameters aloud. We charged ours for happiness within 7 feet of the bottle, because I keep mine in my purse around my desk at work!
  4. Keep your bottle on you or in the space that could use a little happiness!
  5. Be happy!

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