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Anxiety Help: 4 Ways to Harness the Power of the Word Stop

We love doing anything we can to help, we love being a part of life, and we love allowing ourselves to shine at all times, in every situation!

If you’re like me, you also love being part of a challenging lifestyle that provides opportunities for growth, and while you may not love the way your body feels during crunch time, your body has become conditioned to love stress.

Today, we’ll harness the power of telling ourselves to stop. We find ourselves being overwhelmed by our number one fan, stress, and that stress only seems like it gets in the way.

That stress tends to affect our mental clarity, our emotional responses, and our ability to move forward, despite knowing our next steps! We, as people with the drive of a cheetah, easily become annoyed when our bodies give into mental games and symptoms of stress; we become concerned that we’ll never push beyond that anxiety-induced barrier.

[blockquote3]It’s so easy to get past some of your most crippling anxiety symptoms once you recognize one key truth — on the other side of every stress episode, your solution or deadline is always met with success; your crippling stress symptoms weren’t needed.[/blockquote3]

Tell that stomach ache, that feeling in your chest, that lump in your throat, and that foggy brain cloud to Stop. That’s right. We have more power over our bodies than we think, and when we become aware of our own strength in our situation, we can halt stress right in its tracks!

[blockquote3]Stop is a word that stems from our childhood, when mom’s powerful tone caused us to immediately re-evaluate whatever bad decision we had made. That immediate response is still active in our bodies, and we can harness it right now![/blockquote3]

You know that on the other side of every stress episode, the solution or deadline is met, and the stress was always uncalled for. So, simply tell the stress or worry to stop.

4 Ways to Harness the Power of the Word Stop

  1. Get rid of Deadline Stress: Does your stomach literally do back flips when you think about your upcoming deadline? Remember your last successfully met deadline, smile, and tell your stomach to “Stop!
  2. Get rid of Social Anxiety: Feeling a lump in your throat and feeling suddenly rooted in your seat when the day of the party finally comes? Remember one instance of fun you had during your last social meeting. You had a chance to get out of the house, and you’re not obligated to stay longer than you want to! You own you! Tell that stress to “Stop!
  3. Stop Worrying about Time: Do you go into the weekend cursing the fact that it’s already 11:30 on a Friday night and the end of your weekend is ever approaching? Do you wake up on Saturday morning in dread that you’re that much closer to work? Does this make you miss out on the fun times of the weekend? Do you feel depressed and lethargic when you think about your weekend coming to an end? Give yourself one fun goal for the day, promise to do that thing, allow everything else to just happen, and tell your stress to “Stop!
  4. Get rid of Creative Blocks: Break down creative blocks and the frustrations that come with it by remembering that an idea always comes as soon as you relax and let it happen. Recognize the frustration that you’re having, remember that relaxing helps, and tell that expectation of being instantly creative to “Stop!”

Stop! Hammer time. Stop! Carry on. Free yourself from unnecessary stress. Have fun with life, and remember that you have power over your own body!
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