A serene and spiritual crystal grid featuring rose quartz and chrysoprase for cultivating divine happiness, surrounded by an array of calming gemstones. This new age product is designed to enhance metaphysical practices.

Divine Happiness Rose Quartz Crystal Grid

Ready to bring boundless happiness into your life? Excited to feel true happiness that doesn’t come from money or success? This easy, beginner crystal grid is the key to happiness!

Rose quartz pairs incredibly well with Chrysoprase in the beautiful, joy inspiring Divine Happiness Rose Quartz Crystal Grid! Arranged around the Seed of Life, these two crystals birth divine happiness into your home. This type of happiness has no source; it just is. You’ll feel happy for literally no reason — what better reason to be happy!

Rose quartz gently heals inner insecurities and brings inner happiness and peace. Chrysoprase gently brings about external, environmental, and divine happiness and peace. Place them together in a grid and you’re getting the best of both worlds! You’ll get a full dose of happiness from this beautiful crystal grid! Say goodbye to stress and worries and hello to pure bliss!

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Divine Happiness Rose Quartz Crystal Grid


  • 6 pieces of Rose Quartz – Inner happiness, self-love, self-confidence, self-truth, inner peace
  • 6 pieces of Chrysoprase – Divine, external happiness, love, joy, and truth
  • 1 point of Quartz – Charges, empowers, and directs energy
  • Seed of Life Grid – Also known as the Egg of Life, this is a powerful symbol of creation

Setup:rose quartz chrysoprase grid

  1. Outer Edge/Path Stones: Place Rose Quartz along the outer points of intersection on the Seed of Life. This begins the happiness and healing from within your body; after all, you can’t feel or heal the world around you until you are healed!
  2. Inner Points/Way Stones: Place Chrysoprase along the inner intersections of the Seed of Life. These stones immediately bring the energies of universal love and balance into your grid and your space.
  3. Anchor Stone: Place Quartz point in the center of the grid. In this position, the quartz will direct the energy of your happiness crystal grid up into your space.
  4. Empower: State that you ask for the grid to bring divine happiness to you, your home, and the people inside of it.
  5. Charge: Visualize each stone glowing white. Then, visualize the white light from each stone lighting up the path that it is connected to. Visualize all of the lines and crystals linked together in the name of divine happiness!
  6. You’ll begin to feel the effects as quickly as 10 minutes!

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