The difference between black tourmaline and black onyx is in how it works with energy

The Differences between Tourmaline and Onyx

Tourmaline is one of our favorite and most-used stones, so this is right up our alley! There’s a slight difference in how the energy is transformed within each stone, and we believe that it makes a difference in the application that it’s used in. Onyx is a dense and very earthy stone. The energy of onyx almost folds back in on itself, as opposed to how it travels straight through Tourmaline. This makes onyx fantastic for personal grounding and internal work! It’s really great at grounding you and your energy! For this reason, it needs to be cleaned, a lot.

How Black Tourmaline Worksblack tourmaline channels energy through its rods

Tourmaline, when you look at it, is made of “rods” or double terminations. Each one of those rods can be seen as or compared to a wire that pulls harmful energies out of a space. That’s a ton of energy grabbing from one stone alone. Tourmaline is great for external energy clearing. While tourmaline transforms or transmutes some of the energy that passes through it, it should still be cleansed. Tourmaline loves to be cleansed in salt or in earth.

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How Black Onyx Worksonyx is perfect for internal energy transmutation to get rid of harmful energy

Onyx, when held, feels heavy like the weight of the world; that’s partly due to the energy that onyx is pulling inward. When you look at onyx, you can see the multiple waves of color, symbolizing the folding of energy on top of itself to make room for new energy. This “folding” of energy resonates with our bodies, signaling our most inner harmful energies to unfold and be folded into the onyx instead. This makes onyx a great internal energy transmuter; it removes the harmful energies from with your body and signals inner transmutation. Because it absorbs your harmful energy, onyx should be cleansed under running water once a week. If you’ve got a lot of harmful energy, place it in earth overnight after use.

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Long story short, onyx is great if you are having a negative day and tourmaline is great if you’re in a stressful or negative environment or around those types of people!

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