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This magical little Black Cat Box displays a black cat wearing a Witch’s hat, sitting atop its lid seemingly looking up from reading a magical tome! This box is a wonderful place for storing your jewelry, magical tools, crystals, incense and more! Measuring 5” in height, this black cat box is perfect for Samhain decorating!

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This beautiful 8” x 5” x 4” box features Hecate’s Triple Pentacle carved into the top, each pentacle symbolizing a different side of the Goddess.


Store your favorite stones, incense, matches, papers, and other small ingredients in this Mini Pentacle Bone Chest. Measuring 3″ x 2″, this chest also makes a fantastic gift for teen Witches and Witch children!

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  • Great for storing tarot cards 🎴
  • Perfect for a traveling altar box ⭐
  • 7" x 5" x 5" 📏
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  • Great for storing spell ingredients 🌱
  • Perfect gift for Norse mythology lovers 🔨
  • 5 x 8" 📏
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