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  • Breezy and light ⚪
  • Fills the room with color 🌈
  • A pair of 22" x 72" curtains 📏
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These gauzy cotton Three Pentacles Curtain Set make a fantastic addition to your sacred space! These deep purple curtains cast a hue of mysticism as the natural sunlight shines through. This comes with two curtains, each measuring 22″ x 72″.

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A powerful and dynamic symbol of Celtic heritage, this Tree of Life Window Curtain features a large central Tree of Life in the center whose roots and branches fan out and weave back together in a complex Celtic knot. The central design is repeated in smaller form in the corners, and the entire curtain is [...]

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  • Perfect for a Witches' magic room ✨
  • Perfect for a single window 🪟
  • 44" x 88" 📏