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Everything you need to celebrate Imbolc is right here for you! This section contains all of the Imbolc correspondences that are perfect for your imbolc ritual! These Imbolc ritual items include imbolc candles, imbolc oils, imbolc incense, imbolc statues, imbolc athames, imbolc jewelry, and more!

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This beautiful Athena Statue portrays Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, as though she were sculpted of bronze, armored as a hoplite warrior with the owl of wisdom landing upon her shoulder. Created from cold-cast resin, this statue measures 12″ in height.


Dedicated to the goddess Brigid, one of the most famous and revered of the triple goddesses of the Celtic pantheon, this parchment poster offers a prayer against a backdrop of a Brigid’s Cross. This poster measures 8 1/2″ x 11″.

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This beautiful pendant celebrates Brigid (or Bridget), the Irish Goddess of Hearth, Home & Smith. Crafted from sterling silver, this pendant measures 3/4” x 3/4″ and does not come with a chain.

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The Mighty Stag, symbol of the Green Man, Green God, Cernunnos, etc. makes his appearance upon this beautiful Bronze Stag Pentacle Necklace. Made from brass, this pentacle measures 1″ in diameter and comes with a cord.


These russet Brown Chime Candles are perfect for prayers and rituals that require quick burning times! Attuned to the energies of Earth, grounding, prosperity, and security, these brown candles are perfect for matters dealing with these Earthly topics. Each candle measures 4″ x 3/8″.


This tall taper-styled Brown Pillar Candle can be used to empower protection, balance, banishment, and similar such spells and prayers. This thick candle is perfect for carving sigils and symbols into! Be sure to shave down the base of the candle if your candle does not stand straight up! This candle measures 9″ x 1 [...]


The color brown represents grounding, stability, neutrality, and the element of Earth. Use this Brown Taper Candle in candle magic and other rituals when you are seeking the energies of the color brown. This taper candle measures 6″ x 5/8″.


AzureGreen’s Carnation Oil draws upon the essence of the flower of the same name, bestowing it with some of the properties and powers found therein. This makes it a powerful component in spells and rituals for healing, or where one seeks a greater strength and protection. Use it to increase the potency of your healing [...]


This 3″ Cernunnos Sew-on Patch features the Lord of the Hunt, as seen on the Gundestrap Cauldron, as a gold figure against a dark green background. Dark green is the color of the deep forests that Cernunnos guards and hunts within. This patch makes a great Imbolc gift!

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Cold-cast from resin and painted like stone, this handsome Cernunnos Statue is an intricate representation of The Horned God. This statue depicts Cernunnos standing upright, holding a horned serpent; at his feet is a fox, his animal companion. This 10.25″ statue is perfect for representing the Great Father and the Father of the Hunt on [...]


  • Great for money spells 💰
  • Wonderfully scented ♨️
  • 20 incense cones ⭐️
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Drawing from the natural oils and essences of Cinnamon, AzureGreen’s Cinnamon essential oil has been created as a pure and high quality oil that utterly captures the essence of Cinnamon. As such, it is bestowed with the properties and powers found therein. This makes it a powerful aid in spells and rituals where you are [...]


Beautiful and powerful both symbolically and energetically, this Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Tree features dozens of amethyst chips as the leaves of a small wire tree. The base of this tree has a soft, felt bottom and measures 2″ wide. Tree overall is 5″ in height, and the gemstone fruits measure 1/4″-3/8″. Because these are individually [...]

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Celebrate the energy of all dragons with this beautiful Earth Dragon Pentacle Wall Plaque! Created from the artwork of Anne Stokes, this beautiful piece depicts a bright, vivid green Earth Dragon with its serpentine body entangled within a pentagram woven of sculpted sticks. This amazing wall plaque measures 13″ in diameter and is cast in [...]


  • Great as an altar cloth or wall decoration ⭐
  • Has every Northern Hemisphere Witches' Sabbat date 📆
  • 24" 📏
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Blended of assorted pure oils, AzureGreen’s Egyptian Musk Essence Oil captures the essence of the light, musky fragrance commonly used in aromatherapy. With an aroma that brings your mind to places of old, where god kings ruled and magic and prayer were deeply woven in every part of everyday life, this oil makes for a [...]