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  • Scent: Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Rose 🌹
  • Made on the day & during the hour of Venus, with Hermetic principles 💗
  • Burn time: 48 hours 🕯


Pink is the color of love, friendship, self-love, self-esteem, compassion, family, self-improvement, maturity, emotional healing, and child protection. Use these Pink Chime Spell Candles in spells for increasing self-esteem, finding friends and love for your highest good, learning to care and be compassionate, and working towards opening your heart to loving and being loved. This [...]


Often used in love spells, money drawing magic, and dream magic, this Pink Jasmine-scented Palm Oil Votive Candle is a joyful addition to space! This votive candle is made in the USA.


This Pink Love Spell Pillar Candle is designed to bring love int your life! It is burned to help invoke the virtues of compassion, understanding, and unconditional love. Handmade in the USA, this 6 1/4″ x 2″ pillar candle comes with a beautiful Wiccan Goddess pendant to add to your favorite necklace!


  • Every color you need for rituals ✨
  • 10 of each color 🕯
  • 100, .5" x 5" chime candles 📏


This Pink Female Figure Candle is shaped like a woman, symbolizing feminine energies! This candle is perfect for a wide range of candle magic and intention setting, including but not limited to love, self-love, friendship, heart opening, and more!


  • Spiritual Uses: Happiness, Friendship, Love, Protection 💗
  • How To Use: Carve name, visualize intention, light 🕯
  • Height: 7.25" 📏


Often used in candle magic and sympathetic magic having to do with emotional ties, this Pink Male Figure Candle is a great ritual tool for spells of emotional healing and love spells.


Perfect for intentions of love, self-love, friendship, and optimism, this 9″ Pink Pillar Candle is approximately 9″ x 1 1/2″.


  • Simply visualize your intention as if it's already happened & light 🕯
  • Great for seeing and thinking clearly 🧠
  • Candle: 2" x 6.25"; Pendant 1.5" 📏
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The magickal properties of the color pink resonate with friendship, love, emotional healing, self-love, inner-peace, and happiness. This Pink Taper Candle is perfect in spells and rituals regarding those qualities! This candle measures 6″ x 5/8″ and burns for 5 hours.


  • Cast friendship and happiness candle spells 💖
  • Carve name into candle, visualize, and light 🕯
  • 7.25" tall 📏


This three color, scented Road Opener Jar Candle has been crafted with essential oils and embedded tokens. Simply light this candle during prayers, spells, and rituals meant to open your eyes to opportunities and remove road blocks from your life. This jar candle ranges in color from yellow to golden to pink.