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  • Evoke the severy African Orishas 👁
  • Anoint your tools and jewelry to create wisdom talismans 💍
  • 4 ounces. External use only. 🌟

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Use a few drops of Foxcraft’s Seven African Powers Oil to help your prayers reach the Seven African Powers. You can also use this oil blend to invoke the sacred Orisha in your rituals and spells of protection, money drawing. This oil is made in USA, contains 2 drams of oil, and is for external [...]

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Open the doors to divination and magic with the only deck in the world that blends the powerful magic of West African Yoruba, Brazilian Candomblé, and Santería. Depicting the vibrant spiritual forces that originated with the Yoruba people, The Tarot of the Orishas features vivid artwork and stories that bring the mysteries of the universe [...]