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Ritual to Remove Negativity and Empower Yourself

In our modern world, we encounter all different types of energies from all different types of sources, and that energy, both healthy and unhealthy, drapes itself over our bodies and auras like a shawl or cloak.

This ritual uses that imagery and symbolism to help you remove and wash away the unwanted, negative energy while retaining the beneficial energy! This is a great ritual for those who do not have strong visualization skills!

This ritual is a coexisting ritual; anyone of any faith can perform this ritual. If you would like to perform this ritual as a prayer, call upon your angels or Jesus to help you in removing your shawl.

If you would like to perform this ritual as a spell, cast your protective circle and call upon your favorite elements and deities.

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Ritual to Remove Negativity and Empower Yourself

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Items Needed:

  • A black shawl or scarf that you can wear all day
  • A shirt of the color(s) you want to keep or invite into your life and aura
  • Your Washing Machine
  • Holy Water or White Sage
  • Salt or Holy Water


  1. Cleanse your shawl and your shirt in your favorite way.
    1. If you are Christian, perhaps sprinkle them with Holy Water.
    2. If you are Pagan, smudge them with white sage.
  2. Charge your black shawl to protect you by absorbing all harmful, unwanted energies from you, your body, and your space as you go through your day. Tell your shawl that that is its job for the day.
  3. Charge your shirt to empower you with the energies of that color. If you want to empower yourself with happiness, choose a bright, aqua or yellow shirt. If you want to empower yourself with self-love, choose a warm, pink shirt. Tell the shirt that that is its job for today.
  4. Wear your shirt and shawl all day, being sure to walk to all of the places that you want the shawl to absorb the harmful energy from. Remember that your colorful undershirt is re-charging you with the energy of the color that you have chosen!
  5. At the end of the day, fill your washing machine with other dirty clothes and your detergent, so that the shawl is the last item to go in.
  6. Stand in front of your washing machine and remember all of the harmful energy that is now trapped within your shawl. Tell yourself that it cannot harm you anymore and forcefully throw it into the washing machine.
  7. Sprinkle quickly with a pinch of salt or Holy water and firmly (or gently with some force) close the lid!
  8. Turn on your washing machine and know that that harmful energy is transferring into the water, which is leaving your house, never to return.
  9. With your white sage or Holy Water in hand, cleanse yourself. Imagine that the color energy of your shirt is raising itself to its highest, most blessed level, for your highest good. Feel yourself becoming empowered with that energy.

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