A serene beachscape backdrop with the text "f*ck that: a guided meditation" overlaying the sky, indicating a humorous or unconventional approach tied to new age product meditation.

‘Fuck That’ Guided Meditation Video: It Actually Works!

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation from Jason Headley on Vimeo. [blockquote3]’F*ck That’ Guided Meditation by Jason Headley is NSFW. Use headphones, like normal![/blockquote3] In a world where time is of the essence and that time is stepped on from all angles, guided meditation has majorly increased in popularity within the past 5 years, and has even made its way into our modern workplaces; this is great, of course, because the workplace is what causes most of our stress in the first place. Enter Jason Headley, a famous, hilarious short film creator who has introduced us to the world of ‘F*ck That’ Guided Meditation. If you thought that guided meditation was all the rage, this guided meditation is taking the cake and, also, the world by storm! This parody guided meditation says the things that we want to say out loud; hell, it even says the things that we try to avoid saying out loud when we seek meditation! This approach is fantastic because it helps us confront our troubles in a new, funny way. By incorporating laughter, i.e. Laugh Therapy, Laughter Yoga, and Laughter Meditation, we take a negative situation and apply positive energy and behaviors to it. Next time you find yourself encountering that “bitch that gets under your skin” or the “three-ring shit show of life”, you’ll generate positive, healing, laughter energy instead of draining, disruptive, angry energy! So, put on some headphones, not because it helps you hear the ambient sounds but because this is definitely not safe for work, and enjoy breathing in the strength and exhaling a full “f*ck that”.
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