Edible Flowers for Kitchen Witchcraft

Beauty creates so many emotions within us, and emotion is one of the driving forces of change in our world. When we seek to manifest, we call upon emotion, will, intent, and practicality to create something new in the world, and whether you call constituents energy or catalysts, adding extra items to your spells and prayers helps tune in our intentions.

Today, we’re focusing on Kitchen Witchcraft, or food-based intention setting. As humans, we first eat with our eyes, so when we see a beautiful dish presented in front of us, we immediately feel and are immediately driven to change. Adding flowers as a garnish or an ingredient serves to provide visually-inspired change and energetically-inspired change!

Next time you’re cooking up love spells, friendship spells, success spells, and more in the kitchen, add these edible flowers to your magickal working!

List of Edible Flowers for Kitchen Witchcraft

Each edible flower has a basic list of magickal correspondences.

  • Borage blossoms
    • Magickal Uses: Optimism, removing energetic depression, courage
  • Calendula/Marigold flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Love, removal of negative energy, increase psychic activity
  • Carnations
    • Magickal Uses: Protection, removal of negative energy, friendship
  • Chrysanthemum flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Ancestral offerings, house blessings
  • Cornflower
    • Magickal Uses: Love, fertility, increase psychic ability, removal the Evil Eye,
  • Dandelions
    • Magickal Uses: Increase psychic ability, wishcraft enhancement, spirit communication
  • Daylily flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Angel communication and protection, divine love, goddess alignment
  • Elderflower
    • Magickal Uses: Calm anxiety, bring optimism, good health
  • Hibiscus flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Romance, harmony, relaxation
  • Lavender buds
    • Magickal Uses: Relaxation, stress relief
  • Nasturtium flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Raises vibrations, find magick in everyday life
  • Pansies
    • Magickal Uses: Longevity, removal of obstacles, protection
  • Rose petals
    • Magickal Uses: Love, romance, optimism
  • Sage flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Purification, raising vibrations, divine protection
  • Sunflowers
    • Magickal Uses: Confidence, positivity, balances root chakra
  • Violets
    • Magickal Uses: Love, peace, healing, protection
  • Zucchini flowers
    • Magickal Uses: Increasing fertility

If you are foraging for your edible flowers, be sure that the land is not chemically-treated and is far away from roads. Preferably, you should grow your own flowers or purchase them from grocery stores.

Curated from Southern Living, What’s Cooking, America, and ProFlowers.

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