Aromatherapy 101: What is a Dram? How many drams are in an ounce?

Aromatherapy 101: What is a Dram? How many drams are in an ounce?

Essential oils come in bottles of all sizes, but how do you know how much oil you’re getting when you finally make the big purchase? If you’re mentally weighing out what a dram might be, then let us help you out!

What is a dram?

Most well known as a measurement of the apothecaries’ system, the dram originates in ancient Greece, where it was both a form of measurement as well as the name of a coin used for payment.

In modern day America, it’s most well known as a liquid volume measurement, though in some areas of the world, it is also a measurement of mass.

For essential oils, we’ll focus on the liquid volume measurement of the dram.

How many ounces are in a dram?

There are ⅛ ounces in 1 dram.

How many drams are in an ounce?

There are 8 drams in 1 ounce.

What is the conversion rate of ounce to dram?

The conversion rate of ounce to dram is 1 oz. = 8 dram.

drams in an ounce essential oil volume converson chart-01

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