24 Crystals For Protection: A Guide To Save You In All Situations

Feel drained at the end of your workday?

Does your aura look like swiss cheese every time you heal it?

Energy field look like a porcupine from all of the cords attached to you?

Too tired to even think about doing protection work to keep yourself sane and safe?

Staying protected is hard work, and when your energy is absolutely tapped out, you need crystals for protection!

Leaning on crystals and stones to help shield you from negative energy is one of the most passive, low-maintenance ways to keep your chakras strong, your aura cleansed, and all negative energies away.

Each crystal vibrates at a different rate, helping it promote different levels of protection!

While this guide separates each crystal into a specific purpose, they can be interchanged for different uses! For example, black tourmaline is amazing for pulling bad vibes away from your house, but the massive difference it makes for retail workers is too good to pass up!

This guide shows you where each crystal performs the best! Experiment with each healing crystal and uncover which gives you the best protection in your daily life.

We highly recommend using crystals for healing as a supplemental practice.

  • Never try to heal any part of yourself with crystals alone. Be sure you’re working with a qualified health practitioner first, then incorporate crystals into your healing journey.
  • Never use crystals as a solution for safety. Always call the police first if you are in danger.

In This Guide

Best Protection Crystals Everyone Should Have

Here’s our full list of crystals that hold the strongest protection powers!

Pick from tried-and-true crystals that have been around for centuries or newly-discovered crystals to round out your collection!

Can’t decide which crystal works best for you? Ask your Higher Self to guide you.

What crystals are good for protection?

Click to learn how to use each crystal!

  1. Amber
  2. Amethyst
  3. Amethyst Spirit Quartz
  4. Black Kyanite
  5. Black Onyx
  6. Black Tourmaline
  7. Bloodstone
  8. Citrine
  9. Citrine Spirit Quartz
  10. Clear Quartz
  11. Grey Banded Agate
  12. Halite
  13. Hematite
  14. Jet
  15. Labradorite
  16. Moonstone
  17. Nuummite
  18. Obsidian
  19. Pink Phantom Quartz
  20. Pyrite
  21. Shungite
  22. Smoky Rose Quartz
  23. Tiger’s Eye
  24. Tree Agate

Best Crystals For Protection

Before using each of these, be sure to cleanse the crystal.

This makes sure that they’re at their highest, most positive vibration, which means you get the most benefit!

Protection Crystals For Aura

Your aura is your first line of defense against the strong energies of toxic people and environments.

Once your aura begins to break down, you’re more likely to be affected by bad vibes.

When there’s no strong aura to keep your energies in and other energies out, it becomes easy to be confused about what you’re actually feeling and what you’re picking up from others.

Remember that time you were staying with friends and you felt mega depressed until you left? A strong aura keeps you in your actual feelings, helps you not absorb others’ low energy, so you can live a healthy daily life.


A sliced cluster of purple and white crystals
An amethyst crystal cluster

Amethyst purifies and rebuilds your aura from the sky down, ensuring that all harmful energies are dissolved.

It also works to patch up tears in your aura that are caused by stress.

Your aura will vibrate with a frequency high enough to stop any future bad vibes and psychic attacks from tearing it apart, giving you emotional, spiritual, and physical protection.

[Learn more healing properties of amethyst] →

How To Use Amethyst

When you first use amethyst crystals to repair and protect your aura, take some time to meditate with it. Place a few crystals around your body in a protective grid while allowing yourself to feel protected and whole. See and feel your aura being stitched back up. Visualize any dark or black spots or cords being vibrated so hard that the dark dissolves away.

If you like a more tangible approach to your healing work, you can take a moment and visualize where in your aura you see or feel tears and rips. Then, think of this purple crystal as one of those purple glue sticks. Act out the action of “gluing” up the tears and rips. See the purple glue drying into a hard, clear shell.

Wear amethyst or carry it in your pocket to keep your aura vibrating at its highest.

Clear Quartz

a quartz sphere
A clear quartz crystal ball.

Clear quartz is an awesome stone that can be used for anything, especially protection!

It works to turn your aura into a strong shell, keeping you safe like a shield in battle.

If you have trouble shielding, try holding onto clear quartz.

Its clear but hard surface strengthens your aura but allows you to stay seen and aware of everything. This is the perfect crystal for psychics who love to experience and see energies but not be affected by them!

How To Use Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystals have to be told what their purpose is, more so than all other crystals. So the first step is to tell your quartz, “I program you to reinforce my aura with a strong, crystal clear shield that keeps me safe from all harmful, unwanted energies.”

Then, just keep it on or around you!


Nuummite is one of our first “uncommon” crystals on the list, and it’s amazing for keeping your aura strong when manipulative energies are around.

Manipulative energies are one of the sharpest types of energies, and they can shred your aura like no other.

If you tend to spend time around people who are jealous, narcissistic, or abusive, nuummite can help keep your first line of energetic defense strong and partially hidden from sight so you can clearly see issues and remove yourself from harm.

How To Use Nuummite

When you start to feel uncomfortable or uncertain, hold nuummite in your recessive hand. Ask the crystal to strengthen your aura and give you clarity so you can remove yourself from the situation.

If you are in immediate danger, calling the police and getting away is your first priority. After you are safe, use nuummite to help you rebuild your inner strength and peace of mind.

Protection Crystals For Bad Spirits

Bad spirits are often super condensed pockets of bad energies, strong emotions, or powerful fears.

The energy made from intense trauma can become so concentrated that it becomes a “thoughtform” and feels like a person or thing.

In most situations, “bad spirits” can be dissolved and driven away just like regular bad energy; it just may take more time and stronger crystals.

Because these experiences are usually formed by trauma, it’s important to work with a mental health practitioner when healing yourself or space to this level.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

A purple crystal with smaller crystals protruding from the sides.
An amethyst spirit quartz, also known as an amethyst cactus quartz

Amethyst spirit quartz connects you to the universe to set energy imbalances right. It does that by removing any bad spirits from you and your space.

Oftentimes, bad spirits are just concentrated pockets of dark feelings in disguise.

These dark feelings can manifest as sticky entities that seem to ride on your aura and give you a hard time.

Amethyst spirit quartz is a powerful healer that pulls in your higher self and connection to the universe to dispel negative attachments and harmful entities.

How To Use Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Place this spiky purple crystal on your crown chakra and feel the warm, relaxing, loving energy wash over your body.

That feeling is the crystal melting away any bad spirits or energies that have jumped on your back for a ride.

Follow up this cleanse with amethyst and clear quartz to repair and reinforce your aura.

Add in a little black obsidian to reflect future bad energies away from your clean energy field.

Grey Banded Agate

A crystal slice that has multiple grey bands
A slice of grey banded agate

When you feel pulled in too many directions or intrusive thoughts are on the rise, it’s time for grey banded agate.

Grey banded agate’s silvery rings represent each level of your healthy spirit body.

They also represent a strong knife slicing away any energy that doesn’t belong to you.

Use grey banded agate to cut cords from entities, especially out-of-body and psychic entities, that have attached themselves to you.

How To Use Grey Banded Agate

Hold and meditate on the rings of the crystal. Visualize that your aura is made up of as many bands as there are in your stone.

Pretend you’re in the center of the rings on the crystal. One by one, starting from the center out, visualize that each band is actually a cylindrical column of light that cuts away all ties, cords, and connections to bad spirits and entities.

Once you’ve made it to the last, outermost ring, see your aura as many layers thick; bad spirits and intrusive thoughts cannot make it through the layers of white light.

Carry the crystal around until you are no longer in a space where bad energy can manifest.


Three pink rock salt crystals
Halite, also known as rock salt

When your luck takes a sudden downturn or your mood randomly starts to bounce from one emotion to the next, it’s time to call in halite.

From a metaphysical stance, random mood shifts that are not chronic can sometimes be caused by strong pulses of energy that don’t belong to us.

However, if you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder, it’s important to continue working with your healthcare practitioner and their advice.

Halite, or rock salt, is one of the most purifying minerals and crystals in existence.

It breaks through negative entities, dissolving them or driving them away, giving you time to put up protective barriers.

How To Use Halite

Dissolve halite in water to create a cleansing rinse. Sprinkle halite on yourself or around a space, add it to your healing bath water, turn on a salt lamp, or use it in charm bags to dissolve negative thought forms and entities.

Protection Crystals For The Car

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe in your car is to drive defensively.

You can’t keep everyone around you from doing dumb things, but you can keep yourself alert and aware of your surroundings as well as make sure drivers see you on the road!

These crystals help you stay safe when traveling in your car.

Heads up: Do not – DO NOT – glue crystals to your horn, steering wheel, or dashboard. While crystals can help keep you alert and focused while driving, they cannot stop what other drivers do. These pieces become dangerous projectiles in the event of a car crash in which your airbags deploy.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Bead Power Bracelet
A tiger’s eye crystal bracelet

See everything you need to see to keep yourself safe on the road with tiger’s eye.

The movement of light within the crystal gives the appearance of an ever-watching eye that can see everything from every direction.

This crystal keeps an eye out for danger, and its vibration raises your awareness in the process!

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

Hang tiger’s eye crystals from your rearview mirror to help you see and avoid any incoming danger.


white and black speckled crystal pyramid on a white background
A moonstone pyramid

Easily connect with your guardian angels and entities and surround your car with their protection by using moonstone.

Empowered with the energy of the moon, this is also a great crystal to help keep you safe while driving at night.

Historically, this crystal was known to keep travelers safe under the cover of night. This is because moonstone resonates with the Moon.

How To Use Moonstone

Hold your moonstone crystal in the palm of your hand and whisper, “Moonstone, my connection to the protective moon. Keep me safe on the road from noon to noon.”

Store the moonstone in your pocket or in a safe compartment of your car. When you begin to drive, visualized yourself surrounded by protection.

Protection Crystals For Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is sneaky and can sometimes hide in the small cracks of your energy.

Sometimes called “Shadow Work” by spiritualists, healing emotional trauma can help us reach our highest potential!

If you’re working with a professional to heal and build resilience to emotional trauma, these crystals can help you in your journey towards good mental health.


A orange-yellow clear crystal.
Amber crystal

Help heal emotional trauma by gently pulling hidden, past memories and events to the surface to make them easier to heal by using amber.

In addition to helping you gently work through trauma, this protective stone helps shield you from present-day trauma and pain, as well!

This is a great crystal to use if you’re beginning therapy or shadow work, even if your trauma is ongoing.

How To Use Amber

Amber holds the secrets of time past, and we all have lots of hidden, locked away past worries.

So, start by telling your piece of amber exactly what you want to begin healing.

Pay attention to the sensations in your body and place the amber on that spot. If your mental health practitioner has given you tools or exercises, use them now.

Hold your piece of amber or carry it in your pocket during therapy appointments to help healing go smoothly.

Learn how to use amber in chakra healing →

Smoky Rose Quartz

Feel like you can’t get the hang of love? Can’t seem to relate to adult figures in life?

Trust feel like its hard to come by?

It may be time to work through relationship trauma or trauma from childhood emotional neglect with the help of smoky rose quartz and your favorite therapist!

Smoky rose quartz gently opens your heart up to healing while clearing the smoke around traumas that are ready to be healed.

It also helps you put up a smoke barrier between yourself and harmful relationships, keeping you safe while you heal.

How To Use Smoky Rose Quartz

Carry smoky rose quartz near your heart chakra to heal and protect or place it over your third eye to help you see the source of trauma.

Protection Crystals For Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion that can stop you from living your most full life!

These two crystals work in separate ways to help remove the dark cloud of uncertainty and replace it with optimism, hope, and happiness!


a naturally yellow crystal
A citrine crystal point

Build a powerful barrier of optimism to protect you from feeling afraid of uncertainties in your life!

Citrine’s pale yellow color inspires us to feel happy, regardless of what comes our way.

Its vibrations build up a barrier against things that would make us feel afraid, giving us the space to see that everything is okay.

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How To Use Citrine

Carry your beautiful citrine crystal in your pocket.

When you start to feel nervous or afraid, take a moment to look at and appreciate the sparkles of sunlight inside of this gem.


spiral of black crystals on a white background
Jet stones

Vacuum fear away from your aura and create space for positive thoughts with Jet.

If you feel like you’re constantly in a cloud of things that scare you, this protective black stone is perfect for you!

This crystal is a favorite of people overcoming OCD.

How To Use Jet

Keep jet stones near your heart chakra and throat chakra by wearing a necklace.

When you encounter something scary, visualize that fear turning into a cloud of dark smoke.

Next, see that smoke being sucked up by Jet and transformed into white, healing smoke.

Cleanse your jet weekly.

Protection Crystals For Health

Being healthy starts from within. It starts with healthy vital energy, a great diet, and lots of good exercise.

Exercise and eating is easy to do, but how do you restore your energy?

Crystals are one way to make sure your vital energy levels are protected so they can support your immune system.


A dark green stone with red and blue flecks
A tumbled, polished bloodstone

Feel like your energy is super low all the time?

Bloodstone’s ability to help energy move through the body reduces energy blockages.

When your energy flows freely, your body’s vitality increases, allowing you to help keep your good health protected.

How To Use Bloodstone

Trace a bloodstone crystal all around your body, starting from your feet and moving up to your head.

This promotes a good flow of energy, allowing your body to build energetic protection against harmful energies.

How to use bloodstone to heal your chakras →


Magnetic Hematite Stones 1 lb bulk stones
Magnetic hematite stones

Stress is one of the largest factors in low immune systems and long-term illness.

Hematite works to remove stress and deflect stressors, allowing your body to focus on keeping itself healthy and protected against illness.

How To Use Hematite

Wear a hematite ring on your left ring finger to help relax your heart rate and deflect stressful energy away from entering your body.

Tree Agate

Feel like you have a lot of energy and nowhere to put it?

Excess energy can build up in your body, causing energetic imbalances, which can lower your overall health.

Use Tree Agate to help ground that excess energy and balance your health and vitality.

How To Use Tree Agate

Simply carry tree agate in your pocket or wear it on jewelry. It will do the rest!

Protection Crystals For The Home

Keep yourself and your family safe from bad luck, bad vibes, and stagnant energy.

Citrine Spirit Quartz

Fill your home with abundance as you keep your family protected from fights, conflict, and modern environmental energy pollution – electromagnetic fields.

This light yellow, spiky stone helps transmute and break apart stress-inducing energies, purifying the energy of your home.

How To Use Citrine Spirit Quartz

Because citrine is a crystal that doesn’t require cleansing, you can set this stone up and forget it!

Place it in areas of your house that your family spends time in the most. Visualize that it sprays out white, purifying energy, like an air freshener.

See the “air freshener” mist breaking apart globs and harsh waves of energy. We like thinking about “Fabreeze” commercials when we do it. Just us? Okay.

Black Kyanite

Black broom-shaped crystals
Black kyanite crystals

Keep bad energy from collecting dust in your house while keeping your home shielded from unwanted energy and entities!

The bristly broom shape of the rods in black kyanite sweep away stagnant energy while diverting any new vibes away from your home!

How To Use Black Kyanite

Place black kyanite crystals by the entrances of your home. Visualize that each time someone enters your house, energy accumulations are swept out the front door and a wall of protection automatically goes up.

Pink Phantom Quartz

Live with a pessimistic person? Have intrusive thoughts that seem to make life harder?

Negative thoughtforms tend to attract more negative thoughts, which can make your home feel thick, sick, and frustrating.

Pink phantom quartz breaks up thoughtforms and lingering negativity and transmutes it into healing, loving energy.

How To Use Pink Phantom Quartz

Place a generator-shaped pink phantom quartz crystal in the rooms where most of the negative thinking happens.

Visualize a beam of light zooming out of the tip of the crystal and zapping negative thoughts as they float through the air.

Protection Crystals For Removing Negativity

Negativity doesn’t just stay at the home, it can be found everywhere and it can seem to follow us around – especially if we’re the negativity!

Wear or carry these crystals to transform negativity into positivity, no matter where you are.

Black Onyx

A black onyx crystal ball with white lines running through it
A black onyx sphere

The side effect of being surrounded by negativity can sometimes feel like a streak of bad luck.

In fact, if you feel like you’ve hit a low-luck streak, its often the first sign that it’s time to do an energy cleansing!

This black crystal is a natural at activating your chakras to promote the release of negativity while naturally giving you a shield of protection.

Learn how onyx works like black tourmaline, but not →

How To Use Black Onyx

Wear or hold a smooth, round black onyx crystal and visualize yourself being in the center of the crystal. See the shiny, black exterior like a shell around your body.

See this black crystal shell absorbing all negativity that comes your way while absorbing the negativity that lives within your body!


natural squares of pyrite metal
A pyrite cube cluster

Shiny crystals are pros at deflecting bad vibes.

Pyrite works to shield you from all types of negativity: energetic, emotional, and physical!

How To Use Pyrite

Just like with black onyx, imagine that the outside of your pyrite crystal is your shield.

See all of the bad vibes that come your way bounce right off the face of your shiny golden forcefield.

Protection Crystals For General Safety

Having a crystal that can keep bad luck and dangerous incidents at a lower volume is incredibly helpful as you navigate life!

That being said, crystals only help. They don’t become bouncers who beat up your enemies. So, if you are in real danger, count on your crystals to help keep you protected as you do the mundane thing – get away from the scene and call the police when you are in physical danger.

Use these crystals to increase your capacity for safety.


A black crystal ball
A black obsidian crystal ball

Wish people could get a taste of their own medicine?

Obsidian’s black, reflective surface helps to encourage people around you to think twice before their actions, especially when they’re dangerous.

This crystal is great for helping people see the true nature of decisions and lifestyles.

How To Use Obsidian

Wear or carry black obsidian stones and ask them to help anyone who encounters you to make anyone who intends to harm you forget their harmful intentions.


A black crystal point with a rounded, smooth end
A black shungite crystal point

Worried about microwaves, wifi waves, radio waves, and bluetooth waves affecting you or your aura?

Shungite is said to help neutralize those waves, allowing you to feel more comfortable in today’s electromagnetic world!

How To Use Shungite

Place your shungite stone on your desk or near your electronic devices. That’s it!

You can also use shungite to protect you during a Mercury Retrograde.

Protection Crystals For Work

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline channels energy through its rods
A piece of black tourmaline

Work with people?

Do the people who bring their groceries to your checkout line also bring their problems and bad vibes?

Black tourmaline’s long crystalline rods pull that energy away from you before it has a chance to affect you and your emotions.

How To Use Black Tourmaline?

Keep black tourmaline in your pocket and visualize that anytime someone is negative around you, the energy is pulled into the crystal’s “black pipes” and pulled away from you, like nasty sewage.

Learn how the rods of black tourmaline work →


A heart-shaped crystal with blue and green light flashes
A labradorite heart

Is workplace drama the low-light of your workday?

Shine the light of optimism in your coworkers’ eyes so they leave you alone or only bring you good news!

Labradorite’s beautiful, blue-green surface not only looks inviting on your desk, but it also creates a bubble of happiness around your space, drowning out drama.

How To Use Labradorite

Place a large, decorative chunk of labradorite crystal on your desk and watch the drama halt.

Protection Crystal FAQs

Important Note & Disclaimer: Always consult a medical professional before starting any new healing regimine. Crystals are meant to work alongside healing, not in place of it. If you are in danger, always get to safety and call the police.

What other stones would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments, below!

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