Psychic Abilities Witch Chat Recap

Witches Share How To Develop Psychic Abilities [#WitchChat Recap]

How do you become a psychic? Is it something that every person is born with or can certain people tap into their psychic abilities?

Do psychic abilities disappear over time? How can you bring them back?

How do you enhance psychic abilities? Can you just tap into them at the flick of a wand?

During the January 26, 2022 #WitchChat on Twitter, Witches from around the world shared their experiences on how they increased their intuition and psychic powers!

What Is #WitchChat?

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Ice Breaker: What psychic abilities have you experienced?

Psychic experiences range from intuition, having the feeling that someone will text you right before they did, to clairvoyance, the ability to see visions or spirits.

There’s no wrong way to have a psychic experience! Whether you’ve had just a gut instinct or saw ghosts as children, you’re not alone!

Tons of people have had a burst of intuition!

1. Are certain people born psychic?

While there’s no real way to know right now, the number of people with intuition in the world is very large! Even though that gut feeling feels small, it definitely counts as psychic!

After all, the definition of psychic is “relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.”

Intuition has not yet been explained by scientific studies, but it does exist!

So, are certain people born psychic? We believe that everyone is born psychic.

Here’s what other members of the magic community believe.

2. How do I know if I’m psychic?

It’s less about knowing “if” you’re psychic and more about acknowledging that you are psychic!

Start with writing down each gut feeling or dream you have and see if it comes true at a later date! By seeing the results clearly this way, you’ll be able to see that you do have extrasensory perception (ESP)!

3. What is it like to have psychic powers?

Many psychic powers come with a feeling or body experience that alerts you when you’re thinking about something you couldn’t know otherwise!

Some Witches report vibrations, others talk about butterflies in the stomach.

Regardless of what sense your powers come with, having psychic powers is fun, exciting, and mysterious, especially if you have a community to help you understand your experiences!

4. Is it possible to attain psychic abilities through meditation or practice?

Absolutely! Though, it’s less about “attaining” and more about “awakening” your ESP.

You can unlock your psychic powers through meditation (especially meditations to open your chakras), practice, and validation!

You can also work with amethyst to open your third eye!

The more you celebrate your magical gifts, the more often you’ll have them!

How To Develop Psychic Abilities | How To Tap Into Psychic Abilities

5. I used to be psychic, and now I’m not. How can I regain my lost psychic abilities?

Yes! It’s possible to regain your abilities.

We recommend doing daily practices to open your third eye, meditating, directly healing your third eye with vibrations, and using relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and make space for psychic ability.

How To Enhance Your Psychic Abilities:

6. If I’m psychic, am I more special than everyone else?

Being psychic is similar to being a talented artist, talented musician, or talented marketer.

It’s a skill that we can all practice and do our best at.

Takeaway: How can you help other humans master their psychic abilities?

Be open and accepting of other people when they have an experience that can’t be explained.

If you’re a parent, embrace and help your child understand their gifts.

TA: Be open about psychic abilities, let people come to you and don’t force them. I think also learning and explaining that they can be fallible helps. So many people become sceptical and closed off if you’re too in their face about it. #WitchChat

Want to see what other Witches had to say? See the full Witch Chat here!

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