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Aurora Moone’s Beacon for True Love Spell

Wish you had more action in your love life? You’re not alone! Plenty of Witches,👉

Home & Property Protection Spell

One of our favorite ways to protect the home with a spell is by reinforcing👉

8 Ways to Use Bay Leaves in Magick

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Samhain Ritual: Connect to your Spirit Family for Growth

Samhain is the favorite holiday or Sabbat of thousands of Witch’s, worldwide. Between the cool👉

Full Moon Spell for Self-Compassion and Self-Love

If you’re constantly hard on yourself, always second-guessing your brilliance, and forget to take your👉

Simple Aura and Skin Cleansing Bath Ritual

Love the feel of a baby soft aura? Skin that glows just as much as👉

Mirror Glamour Spell to Change Your Appearance

We’ve all seen the scene from The Craft. Sarah throws a glamour by touching the👉

Easy Lammas Ritual for Divine Guidance and Blessings

Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is the first traditional Pagan festival of the harvest season. Representing the👉

Fourth of July Instant Wish Spell

Everyone loves the excitement of Independence Day. Fireworks, cookouts, dreams coming true, and freedoms realized.👉

4 Iced Potions that will Literally Change Your Life

Just when you thought a crisp, cool, iced tea on a hot summer’s day couldn’t👉