When is Mabon?

Countdown to Mabon 2021

History of Mabon

What cultures does Mabon come from?

What is the difference between Mabon and the Autumn Equinox?

Am I allowed to celebrate Mabon if I’m not from Wales?

We love to tell everyone to follow their own guidance, follow their own energy, and, if you’re called to, follow their ancestry. Learn anything you’re called to learn and then respect what you have learned and experienced. Respect is key.

Why do we celebrate The Autumn Equinox?

What are other names for the Autumn Equinox?

Mabon Correspondences

Mabon, Dionysus, Thoth

Brown, Orange, Red, Gold

Apple, Cinnamon, Patchouli

Ale, Apples, Cider, Grapes, Lamb, Locally-harvested Fruits & Vegetables, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Squash, Wine

Acorns, Bolines, Dried Leaves, Gourds, Scythes

Witches’ Thanksgiving, Balance, Hearth & Home Protection

Mabon Recipes

Mabon Shopping


Particularly useful for those seeking good luck, personal strength, and internal calm, Chamomile can be quite helpful! Use these beautiful dried chamomile flowers in spells for seeking love and prosperity, and make a tea to release its aromatic scent to help soothe mind and body, which is great for meditation. This is 2 ounces of dried chamomile. [...]


This is a folding boline with a safety locking blade. Wooden handle covers for comfort and a stainless steel blade. 4″ folded. Makes a perfect gift for Mabon! ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


Often used in Handfasting ceremonies and wedding Yarrow flower is also helpful in spells of divination and is a great herb to use around Mabon! This is one ounce of dried yarrow flowers. ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


  • Great for working with Horse spirit medicine 🐴
  • Great for Mabon altar decorations 📜
  • 8.5" x 11" 📏
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Known for its vanilla-like aroma, this Benzoin Incense Powder is made from its granular state and can be used with your charcoal burner to improve the atmosphere of your home or add to your ritual magick. This is a 2 ounce package. ShareTweetPinRedditMore0 Shares


  • Simply light the end of the braid 🔥
  • Great for sacred space and ancestor rituals 👼🏽
  • 18 - 24" in length 📏
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  • Perfect alternative for throwing rice at Handfasting Rituals 👰🏽
  • Great for divination preparation 🔮
  • 1 pound bag of dried herbs 🍂
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Also known as red banded Jasper, this is a bulk order of Tumbled Red Malachite. Red is the color of energy, courage and passion; when blended with Malachite, the natural properties of the stone blend flawlessly with the influences of the color Red. This combination creates a vibration that brightens the energy and lives of those [...]


  • Purify your space 🏠
  • Neutralize your energies 🙏🏽
  • 1.5 ounces of resin ♨️
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Sage and Sweetgrass have both been used for purification and cleansing, making Sage Spirit’s cleansing stick a great tool for ritualistic blessings and prayers. This herbal stick measures 7 inches in length. ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


  • Great for money spells 💰
  • Burns in approximately 30 minutes 🕯️
  • 20 candles ⭐
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Orange is the color of creativity, self-expression, business success, vitality, fun, excitement, and the sacral chakra. Use these Orange Chime Spell Candles in spells for overcoming addiction, finding your inner power, increasing your self-esteem, and divining business decisions. This pack of chime candles contains 20 individual candles, measuring 4″ x 3/8″. ShareTweetPin2RedditMore2 Shares


  • Great for keeping away harmful energy 🧿
  • Enchant to protect your mental abilities 🧠
  • 4.5" in length 📏
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  • Use in spells to fight depression ☀
  • Carve a name, visualize goal, light 🕯
  • 7" x 1 3/4" 📏
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Traditionally, Rosemary is great for increasing memory as well as being a powerful aid in spells of love and romance. This 1 ounce packet of rosemary leaves makes a great addition to Mabon rituals! ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


  • Freshly-dipped 🕯️
  • Still joined at the wick! 💚
  • 2, 7" candles 📏
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  • Perfect for Mabon or Samhain decoration 🎃
  • Use for creativity or courage spells 🧡
  • 9" x 1.5" 📏
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This Oak Leaf Pentagram iron-on patch displays an intertwined gold pentagram with 5 oak leaves spread atop it, an acorn in the center, and a bright green border. This patch measures 3″ in diameter. ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


This beautiful Red Triple Moon Altar Cloth has a gold and silver detailed design on vivid, red, raylon background. This altar cloth is excellent for decorating your altar, hanging ornamentally on your wall, or worn as a small scarf. The energy of the triple phases of moon are for every aspect for help, bounty, and awareness. [...]


  • Charged with Reiki 👐
  • Visualize and light! 🕯
  • Palm wax votive candle 🌟
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  • Perfect for relaxation or empowerment 🍵
  • 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water 💧
  • 1 ounce of dried chamomile ⭐
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  • Great for love spells 💖
  • Use in happiness spells 😍
  • 2 dram of essence oil. External use only 🍎
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This Black Pentacle Drawstring Bag, measuring 5 inches in length, is a great tool for spellcraft! Boasting a pentacle on both its front and back, this bag is perfect to create a spell sachet, a mojo bag, or gris gris bag with. Comes randomly selected with a black or orange drawstring. ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares


This amazing Problem Solving Herbal Aromatherapy Votive Brown Candle has been charged with Reiki energy and scented with herbs that are specific to helping you solve issues in your life! Simply light the wick and watch how easy you find a new view on your troubles and through the energy and guidance of this candle. ShareTweetPin1RedditMore1 Shares