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5 Quick Ways to Celebrate Mabon

Busy Witch, like us? Forgot to plan a Mabon ritual? We know how that goes; the Wheel of the Year turns and totally creeps upon us! The good news is that we rarely need big presentations and lots of props to pay homage to a beautiful Pagan holiday! We know a few great ways to celebrate the Autumn Equinox with things you probably have in your house right now! 

This equinox marks the beginning of the dark phase of the year. Yes, this sounds spooky enough to be Samhain, but it’s quite beautiful. During the dark part of the year, we can take this symbolism as a sign to go inwards. We can look the dark, shadow parts of our life in the eye and come out on the other side of Winter stronger than before!

We know that may be too much to wade through, so we can simply celebrate that today is the first day of Fall! Traditionally, this was marked with a harvest festival! People in villages would come together to sip cider, celebrate Dionysus, and have a relaxing night before the hard work of the Harvest began!

From here comes our inspiration.

Here are 5 super easy ways to pick up and celebrate these Mabon vibes.

5 Super Easy Ways to Celebrate Mabon

1. Sip cider by a bonfire! 

Apples are traditionally the main harvest of Mabon, so it’s fitting to call in the chilly vibes with a beautiful bonfire and a little homemade cider! 

2. Eat and offer a pomegranate! 

Pomegranates are the sacred fruit of the Underworld. In Greek mythology, the vitality that sprang up during the Spring Equinox disappears when Persephone descends to the underworld to be Queen. She is bound to return to her throne as Queen in Hades’ realm because she ate 6 pomegranate seeds. Offer 6 pomegranate seeds as an homage to this journey and eat the rest as a promise to yourself to overcome your own shadows.

3. Drink Wine! …We mean celebrate wine! 

Grapes are another harvest of Autumn! Take a moment to connect with the grapevine Deva and learn a new lesson. THEN party like Dionysus!

4. Meditate and set an intention for balance. 

During the Autumn Equinox, day and night equate to the same amount of time! Meditate on that and how you can balance your life. Remember, the night is about to get longer; what does that mean for you?

5. Cook a feast using local produce. 

What better way to connect to the energy of your area than to bless and eat its food? When we connect to the energy of our space, we naturally become more powerful when we do magical work!

How will you celebrate Mabon?

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